Eminem "Chonkyfire Freestyle"

Eminem "Chonkyfire Freestyle": This is the Eminem I like to hear. Yeah, it's not really some deep, thought-provoking shit, but its got wild humor and CRAZY flows. "I got you slippin' on my swag juice, my swag juice"!?!!? Hilarious.

Splash has a few more freestyles from Eminem's recent appearance on Tim Westwood. YN has also posted a 30-minute interview Em did with Big Boy (BIG BOOOOOOOOY), for good or ill.

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3 Responses to “Eminem "Chonkyfire Freestyle"”

Kid Hum said...

eminem is bumpin asher roth lmao

ribbit ribbit

i absolutely love this shit

i feel bad for people that refuse to appreciate this dude

Sara said...

I just wanted to show MAD love for sharing this file! I thought I was gonna have to rip this from the video myself but you're the man! I love this freestyle!

khal said...

are you slippin on my swag juice?