The Great Gazoo

I admit it - ya boy is a nerd. I watch all kinds of cartoons, but the new ish just doesn't appeal to me. I've sent numerous e-mails to Cablevision in the past, trying to get Boomerang added to my TV channel list. Well, this weekend I found out that I finally got it!

See, I like balance. I hate having my son ONLY exposed to Nickelodeon shit like Spongebob or Fairly Oddparents, which are great shows but not necessarily what he should be exposed to on the regular. And TBH, sometimes he just isn't feeling Noggin (he rides for Diego, though). I also want him to be exposed to quality classic cartoons, ish I grew up with, so he can get a bit of variety without a bunch of off-color humor that he doesn't really need to be hearing. So Boomerang it is!

And, well, I'm Nerdcore McNerdy. I need that Wacky Races fix every now and again.

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