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Elucid "My Mayor Is A Billionaire (BBC)"

Elucid "My Mayor Is A Billionaire (BBC)": Let me tell you - I've been WAITING to get this one out to the heads out there. With Elucid's Sub Bass Diet project nearing completion, I'm finally able to share some of these hybrid treats with all of you! Here, Gutta speaks on the financial crisis that has hit a lot of people in the last, oh, 6-8 months, highlighting one of the truly glaring ironies with these situations: the fuckers who are out here debating and trying to fix these financial problems we deal with are motherfuckers who don't even get affected! Hopping atop a bouncy cut from Joker, Elucid created a true anti-establishment anthem in these monetarily difficult times we live in. Blast this one the next time you see some rich, suit-wearing ass politician telling you how he is gonna help you and your plight.

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