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[video] Electric Daisy Carnival 2009 Commercial

If you know me, you know I never leave my area. I stay home most of the time. I got the opportunity to fly out to LA for this, and I hopped on it - primarily for the STACKED DnB line-ups for both nights. I'm no raver - never was, but when you fuck with Drum & Bass like I do, you have to experience certain things:

Going to be my first plane ride since I was like 2 (!!), so it should be interesting.


Chino D said...

Yo Khal, whattup man we shud link up for this. I'll be there, maybe not friday but saturday 4sho. Not feelin the first day lineup as much.. crystal method just got added to the bill for the second day. Anyways, i don't make music but i'm a fan of the site and it'd be cool just to crack a bottle or sumthin'. I'm from LA so i'll be reppin' it. Hit me up.

khal said...

word. i'll be there both nights. khaldub@gmail.com - let me know.

Gizmo said...

Hell yeah, I'm gonna be there both daze. You'll find me by the dnb stage 2. All nite. Hit me up aredrugzbad@yahoo.com, We should krak 3 bottlez.