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Illa Ghee When The King Come Out Mixtape

DJ Mickey Knox just hit me with his latest mixtape, which features the mighty Illa Ghee over 22 tracks. You know you need some ish just like this.



01. Intro
02. Questions (produced by HOCH)
03. I’m Here (produced by haze)
04. The Raw (produced by mr. prez)
05. Too Hood (produced by F.B.l.)
06. Letter To The… (produced by team demo)
07. Take Your Space (produced by shlomo)
08. Wit Me (produced by spice)
09. Let Em Know (produced by benny blanco)
10. I Am (produced by haze)
11. Interlude
12. Jacuzzi (produced by preach)
13. Oh No (produced by Q ledbetter)
14. Designer Jacket (produced by team demo)
15. More Sicka (produced by team demo)
16. Gold Bar (produced by beatman)
17. Wait A Minute (produced by lord digga)
18. When The King Come Out feat. Antimos (produced by team demo)
19. Class A Felony (produced by D-Day)
20. I’m A Classic (produced by Preach)
21. Outro
22. hello (produced by mr. scoresese)

Sickness. "Jacuzzi" is still my shit.

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