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EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursday 004

If you guys are sleepin' by the time Week 4 of this EMSxRTD thing goes on, you betta rekanize. This week, we hit you with ANOTHER mixtape, this time from the hope Strick9. He's the younger god out the EMS crew, but don't let his age fool you - he comes with the fire. The EMS bredren (M-Dot, Rev, Mayhem, etc.) come along for the ride on this banger - burn this to a CD-R immediately and get lifted, stab out to this one. What's ill is that this isn't necessarily a "throwback" - its got a batch of unreleased shit, remixes and some newer ish. How you love dat?

DOWNLOAD Strick9 Pick Ya Poison Mixtape



Anonymous said...

UNREAL! i just downloaded this on a whim since i heard alot of the EMS stuff, this is fire the entire way through!! def. a good download, wheres more of this strick cat!#$%

RaRa said...

This is a pretty good tape. The order on some joints is a little iffy, could have put some of the sadder songs together in the middle then got hype towards the end but other than that I like some joints from this. The cover is what got me to grab it.

snip said...

This tape is one of the best ive heard from this site!Strick dude rips it on almost every joint.Them EMS boys got me checkn this every thursday for new shit, i havent seen a crew or group of people with this much talent in a while. im spreadn the word, EMS is puttin boston back on the map!1