The Carlton Banks Syndrome "The One"

The Carlton Banks Syndrome "The One": I don't know the story behind this one, but that sample is so fucking... I can't place where I know it from, and its killin' me. Surprise yourself and get into this one.

EDIT Dart Adams FTW: Dart_Adams @rockthedub: i know what "The One" sampled. It's lifted from the score of "Class Act". The Kid N' Play movie. The Karyn Parsons/Play scene


Anonymous said...

THE ONE is a beast, hatas get in line !!!

Mista Cracka said...

THE ONE is truthful, genuine, authentic, the real deal... the roota, the toota... a bad mota scoota... go for yo self, young man!!! BLANK them hatas... you are talented as ______ ... little botha, never look back 'cause your road is before you... an' I an't playin'... cause I be like dat!

Kobe said...

Cuz, The One is.