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Milly July Sneak Chamber Mixtape

"This ain't Hip-Hop, this is something else" is the e-mail I got this morning; yesterday, Milly July dropped her Sneak Chamber mixtape, and after a listen on the busride to work today, I tend to agree with that notion. I was immediately floored by track 1 ("Sneak Chamber"), and got caught up in some of the cuts ("No Paper", "Summer", etc.)... this 23 year old Bmore rapstress has some things going on. It's definitely not the regular shit you hear from a male OR female, but that's its charm. Leftfield beat selections, rhymes that make you think a bit (while not being so overly wordy OR complicated) and an overall appreciation for being ill - its also executive produced by Judah, so you should already know. I also had no idea homegirl wrote for hypebeast. Nice one. Another DMV banger.

DOWNLOAD Milly July Sneak Chamber

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jon jon said...

yo your review is gonna make me pay more attention to homegirl. In light of this article on sexism and indie-hip hop