EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursday 002

Last week, we brought you one track... this week? EMS is throwing out an entire album!

For part 2 of EMSxRTD's "Throwback Thursday I give you "Neighborhood Knock" a complete street album/mixtape. While touring the Boston rap scene, M-Dot met up with another local named Grime Tha MC (of The Camp) & after doing some shows together it was discovered they somehow lived on the same street & never even knew about it. So from that they decided they should do an album together and this was the final product. A soulful, gritty, boom-bap filled street album/mixtape with lyrics and stories of everyday life and struggle.

DOWNLOAD M-Dot & Grime Tha MC Neighborhood Knock

01. All I Have (Prod. by Kenshin)
02. Heartless (Prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
03. The Pick-Up (Prod. by Kenshin)
04. I Know You're Lying feat. XL (Prod. by Kenshin)
05. Break-In Records (Prod. by Kenshin)
06. Faith In You (Prod. by Shears)
07. Lonely Street feat. Alias & Revalation (Prod. by Kenshin)
08. On The Radio (Prod. by Grime Tha MC)
09. Let Me Love You (Prod. by Dailo)
10. Salute (Prod. by Kenshin)
11. Sometimes (Prod. by Rick Flare)
12. It's all True (Prod. by Shears)
13. Born Sinners (Prod. by Kore)
14. The Reprisal feat. Mayhem (Prod. by E. One)

Love that! Shouts to Rev for the hookup!

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2 Responses to “EMS x RTD: ThrowBack Thursday 002”

Javier said...

This shit bangs. Damn, I never heard of these dudes but damn this shit is real hip-hop right here. Can't wait to burn and put in the whip.

Anonymous said...

Good shit man. I click cause the cover looked ill but damn the music is dope too lol...