Saturday, September 12, 2009

[video] Wale VMA 2009 Rehersal?

Checking my YouTube subscriptions, saw this video YN posted:

Wale and UCB are the house band at tomorrow night's VMAs, so I imagine this is some rehearsal ish? Keep it locked to RapRadar, I guess!

EDIT Speaking of RR and the VMAs, did bdot just post the winners list? LOL!

[video] Azage "All I Got"

Here's a trailer from Azage's Bars Outbreak mixtape, which drops on 9/17/2009:

Freddie Gibbs "Nigga Machine"

Freddie Gibbs "Nigga Machine": For some reason, I didn't give a listen to Freddie Gibbs' midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik when it first dropped (NOTE: here's the No DJ);after hearing him flip the intro to "Anti-Nigger Machine", I'm convinced: I fucked up. Thanks, Gotty, for hipping me to Gibbs' flavor. This cut is taken from Gibbs' The Label's Trying To Kill Me tape.

[video] 3 The Hard Way ft. Rakaa Iriscience "Truth"

Lyle Horowitz Who Are We?

I hadn't heard of Lyle Horowitz until earlier today, but when I got the e-mail on his Who Are We? instrumental album, I got intrigued. It contains samples from The Twilight Zone, which is one of the illest programs on TV, ever. The other interesting thing about Horowitz is that Dash Snow, who passed away recently, did the cover art for all three of his albums. Sacer passed during the making of this project, and this will be the last project of Lyle's using Snow's polaroid photography. This was due to drop around Halloween time, but due to a short flick he has coming, Horowitz dropped it now.



001. Next Stop (Intro)
002. The Fear
003. The After-Hours
004. The Jungle
005. Commercial Break
006. Time Enough At Last
007. Nervous Man In A Four-Dollar Room
008. A Stop At Willoughby
009. Who Are We (Interlude)
010. The Howling Man
011. Come Wander With Me *
012. The Obsolete Man (Outro)

* = produced by Supreme, co-produced by Lyle Horowitz

Introducing Danny Diggs

Produced Danny Diggs represents Ireland, and hit me with this EP of tracks featuring MCs like Akrobatik and Jermiside over his beats. Speaking of Jermiside, Jerm and Danny have an album coming on the way. Keep it locked for that!

DOWNLOAD Introducing Danny Diggs

[video] Jay-Z Answer The Call Concert

"Empire State Of Mind"

"Run This Town" (ft. Rihanna & Kanye West) / "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

"Already Home" (ft. Kid Cudi) / "Heart Of The City" / "D.O.A." (ft. John Mayer)

"Can't Knock The Hustle" (ft. Mary J. Blige) / "The One"

"Young Forever" / a medley of classics

Miss Info also has photos, more video and commentary at her blog.

EDIT Mr. World Premiere has the full concert up for download.

[video] Nina Sky at S.O.B.'s NYC

Spotted over at YK2 Daily. presents Beat Sessions with Tech Supreme

[video] Jay-Z Conversations In Hip-Hop Interview

[video] A&E "The First 48" trailer

[video] Playaz Circle "First Class"

[video] Jeremih "Break Up To Make Up"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Excess Bangers 43 - 8 Years: Ghost & Ruins

9/11 went down eight years ago... funny how time flies. RIP to those lost on that date.



01. Raekwon Feat. Ghostface Killah - The Badlands
02. N.O.R.E. ft. Bun B - Set Trip
03. DMX - Ya’ll Don’t Really Know
04. Raekwon - Walk Wit Me
05. Saigon-Eyeball
06. Currensy - Credit
07. Drake Ft. Jay-Z & Nas - Fear Success Remix
08. Cormega - What Did I Do
09. Raekwon ft Nas, Ghostface - Verbal Intercourse pt. II
10. Young Dose Ft. Rick Ross & Fabolous - Where They Do That At
11. Camp Lo ft. Ski - Another Heist
12. Young Buck - Never Gonna Stop Me
13. Yo Gotti ft Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie & Trina - 5 Star Remix
14. DJ Webstar Ft. Jim Jones -She Can Get it
15. 50 Cent Ft Jovan Dais-Baby By Me
16. Ghostface Ft. John Legend - Let’s Stop Playin
17. Twista ft. Nate Dogg - Holiday
18. Strong Arm Steady Ft. The Game - Trunk Music

Shouts to Highbrid Nation for this one.

Raekwon LIVE at S.O.B.'s NYC

Shouts to Dallas Penn.

[video] Fat Joe "Aloha"

Featuring Pleasure P & Rico:

[video] Whitney Houston "I Look To You"

The Death of Cy Yung

The MC you know/knew as Cyrano (aka Cy Yung) sent over this e-mail, and I figured I'd rather just post it verbatim, as opposed to trying to paraphrase his words:

Wassup friends,
Been a hot minute since I've sent any music out, but big things are coming before the end of 2009. Most importantly, the death of "Cy Yung" is officially starting. As some of u know, I have dealt with confusion surrounding my alias because there are other "Cy Young"s or "Cy Yung"s currently competing for the limelight in a already over-saturated HipHop industry market. In my opinion, this has led to a number of cross-references, improper taggings & posts, discussions, etc surrounding whois who and what music is attributed to what artist. No more...
I am removing the Cy Yung from my posts, and I ask that u do likewise. Although the other people using the same name was my main reason for changing this, it wasnt the only reason. The other catalyst occurred more frequently, when I was priveledged to find out that my name wasnt large enough to garner common courtesy from other "underground" rap artists, especially when it comes to album concepts, titles, etc. Therefore, it has become immediately necessary that I dismiss any baggage from my previous rap persona that may be deemed as similar to any of these fake-ass niggaz (Black, White or otherwise) supposedly dedicated to HipHop as a culture or art form.
Needless to say, the market has turned most of us (friends, fans and purveyors of HipHop) into leeches and slugs (pardon my pun). What we do now is seek ways to make $ off of our passion, instead of walking thru the mobs with our crosses on our backs and earning our stripes. Now we can end up on the biggest stages in the world MONTHS after doing our 1st song, we can end up making an album devoid of anything socially, morally or ethically responsible and be lauded as the messiah simply for having the most "airplay" or "downloads"...its really pathetic how WE have become the THEM in US vs THEM...
So it is with a somewhat heavy heart that I accept my personal apathy towards music's decay and decline, and take the 1st step towards renewal and reclaim...

Hi, my name is James Ebron, and sadly, I'm a rapper.

See, we claim to be "HipHop artists" because we listen(ed) to Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince or Brand Nubian & Pete Rock & CL Smooth & Digable Planets & ATCQ & Biggie & Masta Ace & BIg Daddy Kane & Wutang & KRS ONE & blah blah blah...oh, and we never killed nobody so our "discovery of finding ourselves" thru a mind-numbing catalog of songs about 1) our mamas, 2) our gfs (or bfs for the female emcees, and I use that term loosely for men or women) 3) the system, 4) the good old days, 5) and shall I not forget the "creative" songs, either stolen templates from our predecessors OR half-ass attempts to "enlighten" or "entertain" by flipping a metaphor OR using repetitive phrasing or references in a quasi-cool way...


We all deserve to die...Sweeney Todd said it best.
The world is not changing BECAUSE of us, its changing IN SPITE of us. Truth is, for all our ramblings, social networks & digital downloads, we cannot turn society on its ear. That monumental change we supposedly had so much to do with last November? Where's the HipHop part of Obama's administration? Where's our seat at the table? We are watching from the same seats as the Republicans who lost, waiting for senators and administration follies to dole out what our lives will be like for the next 4 years...


Your blogs are nice, u keep us more informed than newspapers ever could...but for pete sakes, your opinion sites and posts are about as relevant and powerful as Terrence Howard losing his part in Iron Man 2 (speaking of which, is NOBODY concerned that you can make quadruple what a person who gives his life for this country makes just by reading and memorizing a script and PRETENDING you're saving the world OR having sex with somebody hot)????

"Allow me to retort..."


BORN ON 9/11

The party's u gotta suffer the hangover!

I know what finally set this off, and figured this was coming. Here are a few tracks he sent with the e-mail:

Friday, September 11th 2009 playlist


RTD_PLAYLIST_(9-04-2009-9-10-2009) ~675MB


For some reason, I didn't know that Common did a 9-minute long version of his "Testify" video until my wife put me onto this. Check it out:

Common "Testify" (9 minute short film)

Enjoy your weekend, fam. One.

World Star Hip-Hop Exposed (Part 1)

Peep dude school you on how WSHH is robbing cats who pay upwards of $3000 to get their videos featured on WSHH, all while eating cereal and doing simple Apple commands:

WHOA! Shouts to eskay for posting this link. Damn shame - I had heard WSHH charged for featuring videos on the site, but it looks like they can juice your numbers something crazy - imagine if someone wrote a script to do what homey showed in this video?

WHOA! Part 2 over at

[video] Behind The Music: Lil' Wayne

[video] Keri Hilson "Slow Dance"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

[video] PositiveSoulMovement Interviews Versis

Nice one; props to PositiveSoulMovement.

[video] Black Dynamite trailer

8thW1 "Clean-Up Duty"

8thW1 "Clean-Up Duty": So "Paradigm Shift" was written as a metaphor for change, and wasn't intended to be leaked. I guess that's why the 2nd half of the track was just beats, eh? No harm, no foul, but it is kind've crappy that 8th caught a bunch of flack over an unfinished track.

Elucid Bear Trapz

It's always an honor and a privilege to be able to drop that new face-melting material from Elucid. Bear Trapz features three new cuts from the man, and could damn-well be seen as a demo tape or blueprint (no Jay-Z) for those of you who want to peer into the future of this thing of ours. We are creatures of multiple influences, and no other MC has the ability to retain his lyrical potency over beats that would create challenges for a cat who doesn't possess his verbal acumen. This is Bear Trapz.


We Don't Care (Caspa Dub)
Yum Yum (N-Type Dub)
Trouble The Water (prod. by SuhBurb)

Now, let me step up to the podium and read a prepared statement, something special for this occasion...

The Spitzwell Brotherz "What Happened"

The Spitzwell Brotherz "What Happened": Frankie Phresh of the Spitzwell Brotherz hit me with this new cut from their forthcoming mixtape, A Dozen Glazed, which is set to drop in October 2009. They take Amerie's latest banger and really ask what's going on in the current state of Hip-Hop. Add this to your conversation(s) on "where is the game going", OK?

Mochipet & DJ 0.000001 "Eazy E On Atari"

Mochipet & DJ 0.000001 "Eazy E On Atari": Here's the title track from the Chrome Kids' latest Fre-Release, Eazy E On Atari, which flips some '92 Eazy E acapella into some dutty glitch-fueled mayhem. You lookin' to suppliment your West Coast Hip-Hop sets? Throw them niggas a curve ball in the form of a cybernetic Eazy E!

Shouts to kaptin for sending this one over.

$hamrock ft. B.o.B. "Doin' It"

$hamrock ft. B.o.B. "Doin' It": You remember $hamrock, right? He was the winner on ego trip's (White) Rapper Show a few years back, but has been relatively quiet (I do remember him being on Wild'n Out). This Decatur, GA native has a new album dropping on September 22th entitled Worst 2 First, and this Bobby Ray-feature is one of the many joints on the project (it also features Bonecrusher and Bohagon, with beats from Luney Tunez, Slim C, CyberSapp and Aktual). I'm kind've excited to hear what dude has been working on - we'll see if he's truly First, ya dig?

Shouts to Hannah for this one!

[video] Elephant Man "Soup"

[video] Sean Paul "Press It Up"

[video] Jay-Z On Letterman

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

8thW1 & 2 Hungry Bros. "Paradigm Shift"

8thW1 & 2 Hungry Bros. "Paradigm Shift": This is amazing. 8thW1 speaks his mind on what's going wrong with Hip-Hop, and I can't agree more. Shots are taken at The Cool Kids and The Knux directly, but I imagine you can lump a host of other acts in there, indirectly. There's even a fresh breakdown during the second half! Truly one of those tracks you'll have to rewind and let sink in...

This will NOT be featured on 8thW1's No Room For Dessert, which makes sense.

Potholes In My Blog had the exclusive on this one!

Kryptic Minds One Of Us Cover+Tracklist

Kryptic Minds is set to drop his long-awaited dubstep album on Loefah's Swamp81 label on September 28th.

One Of Us
Generation Dub
Stepping Stone
Somthing To Nothing
Six Degrees
Three Views Of A Secret
Secure Lost
Chosen Few
Distant Dawn

I posted more info on Dogs On Acid; check that out!

Lotus & Troy Dunnit "Fly With Me"

Lotus & Troy Dunnit "Fly With Me": Peep the second single from the forthcoming Anti-Cupid EP, which is some spacious space-beats for spaced out kids. Seriously.

Keyel "Mary Jane"

Keyel "Mary Jane" (prod. by fLako): Shouts to Jared from Eighty81 for sending this one over. I've primarily posted fLako tracks that featured VERSIS, but this laid-back track features Cleveland, Ohio crew Keyel. The title is a good idea... might wanna light up something and mellow out to this one. This cut is featured on Keyel's mixtape, which drops on September 25th - hopefully I get that when it drops!

[video] Road To The Release Episode #11

PreZZure iRhyme 3

I'm guessing the pic of PreZZure in the pimp at is from age 3. My son just turned 3. And PreZZure is celebrating three years of doing this. Dude gives his all, and definitely has talent, and its crazy that he's put out like 3 free projects out in 9 months of 2009. Maybe more. Damn. Download this and send homey some thanks for the quality Hip-Hop.

DOWNLOAD PreZZure iRhyme 3

[video] The Kid Daytona ft. Bun B "Air Born"

[video] Beenie Man "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie"

Cashmere Agency Presents Mr. Grustle & Tha Russian’s Dubstep LA: Embrace The Renaissance Vol. 1

The very thought of this has left a bad taste in my mouth, ever since word first came out. It does contain some bangers ("West Coast Dub" from 12th Planet & Ras Kass, Excision & DZ's "Yin Yang"), but a lot of this is no further advanced than the THUGSTEP that DJ Nappy crafted. I guess this is the catch-up mixtape. Mixed by DJ Plastician, this will probably be the primer for a whole slew of Hip-Hop/dubstep hybrid bullshit mixes and such that Will anger me even more.

It's OK, you are all stuck off this, and I've got something for you... soon come.

DOWNLOAD Cashmere Agency Presents Mr. Grustle & Tha Russian’s Dubstep LA: Embrace The Renaissance Vol. 1

Sppotted over on TSS.

Dream McClean The Purple Promo Mixtape

Today being 09/09/09 and all, its a perfect day to bridge the US an UK Hip-Hop lovers with this new mixtape from Dream McClean, provided by Buck Marley and Team Supreme. I imagine most of you sleep on UKHH, but there's some ill spitters out there, and Dream is one of them. Check out homey's tape and learn a likkle something!



01. The Industry
02. Experiment Gone Wrong
03. The Only
04. Bring Your Smile Back
05. You're Gonna Make It
06. What Credit Crunch
07. Skankdown
08. Story of Him
09. The Lyrical One
10. Can't Stop Spinning
11. Closer ft. Darien Brockington
12. Cliche
13. Be My Friend

Jern Eye "Get Down"

Jern Eye "Get Down" (prod. by Keelay & Zaire): Here's the first official single from Jern Eye's Vision album. Lovin' the vibe of this track - that drum is snappin', has a nice low-end to it. Perfect early morning music, nahmean? Lovin' those dope lyrics, too - no need for tight pants and mohawks to get your style on, just kick a dope verse.

[video] Verse Simmonds "Buy You A Round (Up & Down)"

I need to transcribe this interview with Verse. This was my sleeper summer jam.

[video] Shaq vs. Oscar De La Hoya

This is taken from that Shaq Vs show:

[video] Critical's BBAS Mural

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Deal Dub, Episode 12

It's been a minute since the last episode of The Deal Dub, but its good to have Deal The Villain and Mr. C.I.O.N. Burris back. This week's edition expounds on the theme of strategy, and of course there's a mean selection of ill tracks, both known and new to you. Welcome back, guys!

DOWNLOAD The Deal Dub, Episode 12

Murs "Madhouse"

Murs "Madhouse" (prod. by Chase & Status): C&S' "Madhouse" has been on dubplate for a while, and the last thing it needed was weak lyrics, especially underwhelming bars from an MC the caliber of Murs. And you niggas wanna sleep on DJ Nappy and the THUGSTEP movement? Fuck you sideways. Dubstep LA drops their mixtape tomorrow (Sept. 9th) (tracklist via dubstepforum), but we got something for them motherfuckers, twice.

Via Okayplayer.

ROE "Fear"

ROE "Fear": Sorry nation, but if you don't want to hear MCs over Drake's "Fear" track, you shouldn't post the instrumental. The homey ROE, fresh off a TSS feature, flips a quick verse over this lush beat. Will 2009 be ROE's year?

[video] Dirty Money "Angels"

[video] Robin Thicke's MJ Tribute

This is from a recent show in Philly:

[video] Raekwon "Walk With Me"

previous Raekwon OB4CL2 Bonus Tracks

[video] New Boyz "Tie Me Down"

Featuring Ray J:

[video] Jay-Z On Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg (9/8/2009)

Here's Part 1:

Nah Right has the audio from this interview. Congrats, Juan Epstein - now only if Jay-Z was on Juan Epstein!

EDIT Here's Part 2:

Part 3:


The boys at TRiLLBASS hook up a new mix, full of that dubstep/Hip-Hop flavor.



1. Allmighty - Keep Hustlin (TRiLLBASS & eTubbs Remix)
2. Plies / Reso - I Got Plenty Money/Beasts in the bassment (Trench Remix)
3. Solace - Stackin (TRiLLBASS Remix)
4. Dino & Reid Speed - Fangbanger
5. TRiLLBASS & Symbl - Swagger
6. Young Jeezey & Bun B / Reso - Over Here / Onslaught (Trench Remix)
7. TRiLLBASS - Dope Pedal Riders
8. Project Pat & OJ the Juiceman - Keep It Hood (Mayhem Remix)
9. 6blocc - Get Some Head
10. Richie August - Gettin Some
11. 12th Planet - 50 Bottles
12. Do or Die - Po Pimp (TRiLLBASS & Symbl Remix)
13. Pharrel feat. Lil Wayne - Yes (TRiLLBASS Remix)
14. Clipse feat. Slim Thug - Wamp Wamp (Phonograff Remix)
15. Florida - Right Round (TRiLLBASS Remix)
16. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Evol Intent Remix)
17. Fabolous - Breathe (Stenchman Remix)
18. Kid Cudi - Day & Night (TRiLLBASS & eTubbs Remix)
19. Ugk - Front Back Side To Side ( TRiLLBASS Remix)
20. Twista - Celebrity Overnight (Richie August & Symbl Remix)
21. TRiLLBASS - Weezey

Y'all gonna keep sleepin' on DJ Nappy, right?

[video] The 54 Reality Show (9/08/2009)

More info via the 54 Reality Show blog.

Junclassic "Gee Wiz"

Junclassic "Gee Wiz": Here's a remix of "Geez", a cut from Jun's forthcoming Imaginary Enemies album, which you can pre-order via UGHH. Remember, only 500 physical copies are being done up for this, so don't be a lame - get that money up for this one! September 22nd!

Big Twitter Tunes, Vol. 1

Here's a wicked selection from Enigmatik, featuring a host of fiya riddims an' dem ting!

DOWNLOAD (mirror)


Ball Fi Bun - Vybz Kartel & Lisa Hype
As We Are - Nas & Damian Marley
Think Bout Mi - Macka Diamond & Unicorn
Spell It Out - Tifa
So Fine - Sean Paul
Lioness On The Rise - Queen Ifrica
Better Days - Chase Cross
Good Life Riddim - Mavado, Vybz Kartel, Flippa Mafia & Mr. Vegas
Stay Like Bees - Assassin
Herbs Promotion - Tarrus Riley f/Vybz Kartel & Demarco
Sixteen Riddim - Bugle, Serani, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Kibaki & Aidonia
Last Man Standing - Vybz Kartel
Miss Independent Riddim - Vybz Kartel, Spice & Busy Signal
Street Team Riddim - Vybz Kartel & Mavado
Far Away - Queen Ifrica
Never Done - Alaine
Night Shift - Busy Signal
No Games - Serani
Call On Me - Jah Cure
Steelie Tribute - Wyclef Jean

DJ Cable - Free To Roam (9/6/2009)

Newest latest episode of DJ Cable's "Free To Roam" show, with a dope batch of Hip-Hop, alongside from fresh dubplates and other bits.



Jay-Z - Thank You
Drake - Fear
Clipse Feat. Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal
Professor Green - Ballers Is Bouncin' (London)
Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw
Raekwon - New Wu
Cocoa Brovaz - Super Brooklyn
Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says
The Notorious B.I.G. - Warning
Saigon Feat. Swizz Beats - Come On Baby
Black Rob - Whoa
Smif-N-Wessun - Wontime
Smif N Wessun - Sound Bwoy Bureill (Remix)
The High & Mighty Feat. Mos Def & Mad Skillz - B-Boy Document '99
Red Hot Lover Tone Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - 4 My Peeps
Big L - Ebonics (Radio)
Sully - Flashback
Fused Forces - What's Going Down
Fuzz2k - Robocop
Satori & Channel 2 - Y'all Ready
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (VIP)
Mark Instinct - Sketchymax
DJ Cable - Never Scared of Eastern Jams (Bonecrusher Vs. Chase & Status)
16 Bit - Jump
Noisses - Square Face
Brackles - Get A Job
AzteQh - Behind Bars
Skream - Smiley Face
Time - Jeri Curl
Skream - If You Know
Melodik - Requiem For A Dub
Pay As U Go - Know We
Goldie - Inner City Life
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares

Rukus & J. Slikk Chasing Cars (The EP)

So, Rukus picked up the SLIKKstrumental beat tape and let it marinate. On the low, homey wasn't feeling the new trends within Hip-Hop production, and dipped back to that classic vibe that Slikk provided and started cutting tracks to them. We've dropped a few of these, and now the entire project, Chasing Cars, is available for the masses. It's too dope to really sleep on, so just download it.

Raekwon OB4CL2 Bonus Tracks

Just in case you missed these over the long weekend, here are the UK and iTunes bonus tracks from OB4CL2:

  • "Badlands" (ft. Ghostface Killah) (UK Bonus Track)
  • "Walk With Me" (prod. by Scram Jones) (iTunes Bonus Track)

Shouts to Nah Right.

[video] Trends "Your Face"

Rickie Jacobs "Slave No More"

Rickie Jacobs "Slave No More": Smacked you guys with "What A Day" last week, and now Rickie unleashed "Slave No More" (word to Buck Marley) recently. Dude's a problem on the mic... and on the beats, don't sleep!

[video] Mike Classic "Transformers" LIVE

Caspa Narkz The Lottery Mixtape

I've leaked a few tracks from the homey Caspa Narkz, and now his mixtape, The Lottery, is available for download. Gotta give those young spitters some ear-time, nahmean? Check this East New York representer, and let him know if you're feeling this!

Monday, September 07, 2009


Just wanted to give you DnB lovers a heads up: the second release on my digital label, RTDLTD, is available via many outlets TODAY!


01: "Civilized" \ 02: "Steamdrain"

You can pick this up at the following outlets:

And if you missed it, check out the RTDLTD002 Podcast that Kantyze mixed. RTDLTD001 is still available, too!

RTD Presents The Beer Tab EP

At the beginning of the summer, myself and a blogging peer had an idea for an EP. For one reason or another, the project did not pan out like we'd hoped. Still in all, the tracks I received are of excellent quality, and its time I pay my beer tab, on Labor Day - the unofficial end of the Summer. So grab your favorite summer brew, kick back with some burgers and cool out to some beer-infused Hip-Hop.



01: Sean Wyze "Keystone (Pardon Me)" (prod. by Jansport J)
02: Jo Well & DJ DviousMindZ ft. Phenomenon & Konscious K "211's"
03: Brown Bag AllStars "Blue Moon" (prod. by J57)
04: Nato Caliph ft. Earthworms "Beer Summers" (prod. by DJ Crucial)

You see a theme runnin' through these tracks? Good. Get plastered one last time for the summer! Shouts to all of the artists who contributed tracks to this project:

Sean Wyze \ Jansport J \ Jo Well \ DviousMindZ \ Phenomenon \ Konscious K \ Brown Bag AllStars \ Nato Caliph \ Earthworms \ DJ Crucial

Botchmania 97