RIP Guru? #prayforGURU

While no official word has gone out as of yet, twitter is running rampant with news that Guru, who was in a coma from suffering a cardiac arrest over the weekend, has died. If this is true, I'm gonna be fucked up off of it. When I was younger, when I wanted REAL Hip-Hop, it was Gangstarr. When I wanted to further explore my love for Jazz, Guru's Jazzmatazz was right there. When you talk about the MC's VOICE being just as important s what he's saying, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is what's needed.

Hell, who else would've told you that lemonade was a popular drink, and still is?

I'll post official word if/when it drops. Damnit.

EDIT Q-Tip said he spoke with DJ Premier, who said Guru is in surgery right now. Niggas jumping guns? I hope so.

EDIT #prayforGURU

EDIT Looks like Guru's surgery was successful, and he's looking at a full recovery!

EDIT For those who might be hitting this post and are unaware, Guru passed away.

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3 Responses to “RIP Guru? #prayforGURU”

e said...

Hang in there, Guru! You have more records to cut.

Anonymous said...

Sadly he has passed away today.

Show your respect with other fans

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, and thanks for everything......