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RIP Guru? #prayforGURU

While no official word has gone out as of yet, twitter is running rampant with news that Guru, who was in a coma from suffering a cardiac arrest over the weekend, has died. If this is true, I'm gonna be fucked up off of it. When I was younger, when I wanted REAL Hip-Hop, it was Gangstarr. When I wanted to further explore my love for Jazz, Guru's Jazzmatazz was right there. When you talk about the MC's VOICE being just as important s what he's saying, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is what's needed.

Hell, who else would've told you that lemonade was a popular drink, and still is?

I'll post official word if/when it drops. Damnit.

EDIT Q-Tip said he spoke with DJ Premier, who said Guru is in surgery right now. Niggas jumping guns? I hope so.

EDIT #prayforGURU

EDIT Looks like Guru's surgery was successful, and he's looking at a full recovery!

EDIT For those who might be hitting this post and are unaware, Guru passed away.


e said...

Hang in there, Guru! You have more records to cut.

Anonymous said...

Sadly he has passed away today.

Show your respect with other fans http://www.ripguru.com/

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, and thanks for everything......