junclassic & Jazz Spastiks "Busta Ya Melon"

junclassic & Jazz Spastiks "Busta Ya Melon": I saw some footage of jun ripping through this during K-SISE’s release party, and it looked like cats were all about this one. This is taken from their Mode 7 album, which HiPNOTT picked up and will be dropping on the 26th of July. That Busta sample in the hook, paired up with that throwback jazz in the track? This is the kind of shit I used to vibe out to years back. Back to my essence. Undeniable.

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2 Responses to “junclassic & Jazz Spastiks "Busta Ya Melon"”

KevinNottingham said...

Thanks for the post fam.

Anonymous said...

My Motherf*ckn G!

Thanx for the BiggUp Khal!!!

Stay Up Playboi....

Peace Fam