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J.Gunn "Side Jawn"

J.Gunn "Side Jawn" (prod. by The Jake): This cut landed in my inbox during the Father’s Day weekend, and isn’t a situation I get involved in at all. I gotta say, though, The Jake’s Dream Season EP, which RTD Records is looking to lace you with in the near future, and J.Gunn has a few sick tracks on that project. Definitely feel like Gunn and Jake need to do an entire EP and/or LP project together, just fit perfect together. Anyways, this is one of those tracks that can put fear into a nigga’s life, especially when it comes to bringing babies and shit into your life. Don’t even worry about it, forreal. Just work on putting the proper smashgame down on your earth. What’d Chris Rock say? You have to recycle the pussy, turn the old pussy into new pussy. Do that. Be on the lookout for Gunn’s Earl Manigault LP.


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