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Jay Cue "Awesome Sauce"

Jay Cue "Awesome Sauce": You might’ve seen me comment on the multiple emails I received regarding this track. If not, it doesn’t matter, this is all about a cat who’s reppin’ with the NRK camp out of Georgia. Another young cat that kind of reminds me of Tyler and the OF guys – mainly for how he comes across in his rhymes, and the downright leftfield beat that he’s spitting over. He actually has a few OF ties, as Vince Staples and ½ of The Jet Age Of Tomorrow were featured on his Pyramid Life album, which dropped in March. As the email states, this is for cats who are living in a “why am I living this life” kind of status… let that album be your soundtrack. Definitely has that feeling of depression/dread, but instead of crying and giving up, taking that frustration and building something with it. Interesting work, check it out.


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