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Advent Venture II

I don’t know why, but for some reason I was not expecting them EA niggas to bounce back with new editions of their podcasts so quickly. The posts had barely cooled down in my RSS feed and I had three new episodes sent over! Continuing as he means to go on, Myk Dyaleks takes you into a deeper side of the game, showcasing his love (passion?) for Soul and RnB. This is some late-night shit. I don’t wanna call it incense sounds, but it’s definitely some shit you wanna blow a tree and straight relax with your loved one to, trust. A good bit of this edition features a promo type ting for Mara Hruby, too, which is dope. Love that they knocked out the ‘casts (VVR and Boomboxed Radio) in the same session, something they are birthing with/for Brainstorm Live. Dope shit.

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