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Small Professor Beats & Rhymes Jawns

I'm glad that Small Professor is finally ready to start this crazy promo run. Dude's got a few serious projects (as well as a tough remix I have been waiting on for a minute). Dude's part of that new breed of Hip-Hop producers, both from Philly and just hitting my ears over the last few years, that I've genuinely been excited about. And while dude's new, he still maintains some of those old school vibes about him. He does have a bit of that quirk in him as well, which you catch on this short EP of, well, beats and shit. You've heard a few of these if you mess with his SoundCloud, but to get them all in high quality is essential. Keep your ear to his Bandcamp for the next Small Pro release(s), seriously.

DOWNLOAD Small Professor Beats & Rhymes Jawns

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