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Jermiside "I'm A Man"

JermisideI’m A Man”: Dear Jerm, I already knew you were a man. Hah just joking, nigga. I’m guessing Jerm is about my age, and I’ve definitely been on some reflective shit about where I’m going for the next phase of my life. Especially when I think about my son and how he’s starting kindergarten, and how I’ve got a daughter who’s overcome dumb obstacles to win Principal Awards during her recent graduation. Proud man, proud father shit, but it’s a weird tightrope. Balancing act, if you will. Part of being a man is family first, and I’m learning that more this year than any other year in my life. Anyways, enough about me – Jerm’s Live & Let Live tape, which is presented by KevinNottingham.com, should be out soon. This is the second leak from it, and a sound that I wish we heard more of in the Hip-Hop.


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