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Rome Cee The Extra Mile

Bmore has some talents. I think Articulate was the first Baltimore spitter I really got into, and that put me onto Rickie Jacobs, who just blew minds with his consistency. I don’t know how or where Rome Cee fits into that mixture, but dude definitely has a drive all his own, truly going that “extra mile”. He already had USM, PedX and Spksmen putting this out, and hit me up to help spread the word. Had to oblige, especially when I realized how sick everything he had was going. I love the sound of this – has a lot of Soul soaked into these tracks, with beats coming from J. Cardim, E Hill, Swiff D and others, with features including Sean Price, E Major, UllNevaNo and more talented spitters. Rome is someone I imagine would be fun to get drunk with. Not “ha-ha”, tipping cows fun, but someone who’s natural and would be at home having a real conversation as well as just shooting the shit. Has that respect for his family, as well as a dedication to the goals he’s set for himself. If that’s you, let this be your soundtrack.

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