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Signif x KnowSum "Let's Figure It Out"

Signif x KnowSum "Let's Figure It Out": Whoa! I just flipped a Signif/Gee Wiz track yesterday, and get this snappy number for Sig and this cat KnowSum. I love the vocal bass thing he has going on here, with the strings starting and stopping? Tough. Not sure if this is really going to be going anywhere – but knowing Sig, she’s going to make more happen with dude. She weaves a crazy tale, sounds like the kiss-off to a wild relationship on the side of someone who gets cut off before their lover leaves. Fuck ‘em though, right? Nah, you think on it, ponder it over the Summer… even while you’re hugging and loving. Maybe the school year will bring you two back together? Figure that one out.


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