Cry me a river

While I have a moment to relax while lil' man is doing the opposite of that pic right there, I want to speak to my fellow parents out there. In my situation, my son is 2 1/2 months old. Both of his grandmothers are alive (for good or ill), and they live under 10 minutes away. HELL, I KNOW! They just like to annoy the piss out of us, and it's not even the whole "my way of parenting is the right way" because my wife and I turned out to be good people despite the hardship and ridiculousness our respective parental units placed in our lives. We might be broke, but we're together and happy, which is more than I can say for them. But I digres...

The thing that set this off today was my mom coming over to drop my 10+ year old stereo system off to me. Nevermind the fact that she'd had it for like 5-6 months collecting dust... anyways, it just so happens that lil' man's schedule is getting flipped today. We are sticking to feedings every 4 hours right now, on some 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm shit, you dig? She gets into my house at like 9:57:49AM to see Jayden sleeping. She asks "when's he due for a bottle?" My dumb ass tells her, oh in a little bit. I went outside to grab another speaker, come back in and Na-Na is holding my now-awake son. What? So in another minute everything is in my house, and she puts him back down, awake, and is like "OK, I'm off to work"... guess what happened? Can you see that picture up there? So now I have to stop whatever I was doing (probably some writing), and tend to him, which is not a problem but don't fuck up my schedule just so you can hold him. Come over more, come see him more than when it's convenient for you.

This isn't the only thing, though. A little under a month ago, my son came down with RSV and pneumonia. He was fucking HURTING, like if he hadn't gone to the hospital in one more day, it could have been fatal. It's the season, and he is a lil guy. So, OK, we might be being extra precautious, but is it really that crazy to ask that anyone who is going to be around him to have a flu shot? And am I being a crazy parent if I choose to keep my just-getting-over-his-cold son away from people large crowds, which was recommended by the pediatrician(s) on staff during his stay? Fuck you for making me feel like I have to decide between you and my son. My son will rinse you each and every, don't even test me. I am the type of guy who stands close to family, but if someone is acting like I am being silly for protecting the heads that live under my roof, then you know what? Good, crack whatever jokes you want to crack, but do them away from me. Stay out of my house, stay out of my life, and get out of my way. It's either get down or lay down, as my man Beans would say.

Again, for those thinking I'm a crazy parent, so be it. I am not risking my son's health so someone can feel good for holding for 10 minute clips. If it's really that important, take the precautions we are asking and let it be. Bunch of bitches.

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inaya said...

Bro, I know it is so damn hard but just always remember, no matter what... you know you're doing the right thing. You are his parent, you are the one with the bond and the instincts and don't forget it. You are not a crazy parent at all. shit's hard and there is no shame in letting some of the parental grief off of your chest.