LOST, Season 2: "Three Minutes" [recap]

What an eye opening episode! Well, not a full eye opening, but we got a peek, kind of like how Chris Rock wanted Stevie Wonder to get a peek. We got to peer into the camp that the Others have set up, which looks like a front to me. This episode was focused on Michael, but just like the Claire episode where the flashbacks were based on events happening on the island, this was the same thing (I'm not sure if you can even call these flashbacks, though: that normal flashback sound never appeared, we just got hit with subtitles like "13 DAYS AGO" and such). It was odd stuff, so let's delve into it nice and easy...

Boom. We start out on Michael, 13 days ago, jacking Jack and Locke for a piece. Oddly enough, Locke let him go, even though Michael was fidgeting with that watch Jin gave him. After locking them both in the vault, he runs to instant message with Walt, or who he thinks is Walt. He's told to go North, and he will know where he is when he sees these big rocks. He darts out, running along the way, when he sees a raggedy looking man, who looks like he was peeing? Anyways, Michael gets all wild and points his piece at him, but is blindsided by "Zeke" and a few other Others. They grab his rifle, but he jets with a handgun and lets off a few rounds. Zeke tells them they need him alive, and throws some kind of slingshot device that knocks Michael out. He is "bagged" and brought back to their camp. At that camp, we see Rousseau’s daughter Alex, who looks like she doesn't belong but regrettably does what she is told. Michael has no bag on his head, and sees when they capture Kate. They gag him and go through the whole scene with Jack, Locke & Sawyer being told not to "cross the line"... Alex is excitedly asking questions to Michael about Claire and other things going on with the Fuselage crew, but he obviously can't answer. After this escapade, we flash forward to Michael being brought to the Others' camp. I am not sure but I think this part is about 10 days before the current time on the island... anyways, we see a very different island than what's seen in the hatches. These people have a little community of huts and homes and are very structured, so it seems. Michael is sat down and some cat runs right up and takes his blood. WTF?! Then a new character, named "Miss Clue", walks up to Michael and starts shooting questions at him, about Walt. What was Walt like as a child, has he ever been places he shouldn't have been, was he ever sick as a child, all types of shit. Michael, as we have heard him scream many times, only wanted to see Walt. He gets taken into a hut where he seemingly has to stay for about a week's time. We are then forwarded to about 3 days ago, where Clue comes in with a meal and an objective for Michael. She tells him he has to do something for them or he will not see his boy ever again. He demands she show him Walt, so she brings Walt in (she called for someone named Pinky or something), and told Michael he only gets three minutes to meet with him. Walt comes in, startled, and during their innocent conversation, he blurts out things like "THEY ARE PRETENDING", that they are putting him through tests, and other things. Miss Clue looked startled, and warned Walt that if he didn't stop he'd be placed in "the room"... wtf?!??! Walt is so riled up, they pick him up and drag him out, but not before he tells Michael that he loves him, which Michael reciprocates. The scene seemed kind of odd -- this is the first real vocal affection Walt has given Michael, which is sweet but has people thinking that Walt might be brainwashed and is really working the angles with the Others, but I don't subscribe to that theory. Once the ruckus is settled, Clue gives Michael a list of four names, and he has to bring those people back to the Others' camp, as well as free fakeHenry Gale. The list contained the names of Hurley, Jack, Sawyer and Kate. What's good with that? Are they "good", or are they threats? I've seen online chatter suggesting that these 4 have "seen things" on the island (Jack saw his father, Sawyer and Kate saw the black horse, and Hurley saw "Dave"), and that this might be the reason they were chosen. And before you say "but Eko saw Yemi" or "but Charlie saw Mary", those were DREAMS! Strange. She told him to make up a story, which is probably how Michael comes up with the whole MurderDeathKill thing on Ana-Lucia. It worked, but it might have been too much. The one thing Michael said while agreeing to this is that he wants a boat. Being a parent, I understand what he was thinking: when all is said and done, the only person he has ties to on this island is his son, Walt. He wanted to pick up Walt and BE OUT. No harm, no foul.

While all of this was going down, we were flashing forward to the modern day showing Michael going through the motions on back with the survivors. His demeanor was shady from the jump, and his insistence that it only be Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer going to the Others’ camp to confront them tipped Saayid off, who voiced his fears of this before the funeral for Ana-Lucia and Libby. Jack is concerned, but they plan on playing things out until opportunity knocks.

On other various parts of their camp, we got to see a few notable things:

Charlie made steps to reconciling with Claire. He gave her a pneumatic needle and some vaccine, apparently, for her and the baby. The bottles supposedly advised that they were to be taken every 9 days. He told her it didn’t hurt because, well, he took the shit himself. Damn drug addict. She seemed content, even holding his hand during the funeral.

Vincent showed Charlie where Sawyer’s heroin stash was, and instead of being tempted to take some, he threw all of the Virgin Mary’s in the ocean. Good job, smackhead.

Charlie also voiced his disdain with Eko, who is now pushing that button every 108 minutes. Eko told him that he is no longer building the church, that this is what he has to do now. Charlie threw a hissy fit and stormed off, failing to build the church himself…

Eko also noticed the magnetism in the Swan, with his cross being pulled…

Something made Locke cut off his splint and start walking. He had been sitting on that beach all show, pretty much. Probably re-evaluating his faith and purpose on the island, and in life...

Sawyer opened up to Jack about his encounter with Ana-Lucia, even making a funny play on something Jack said. Sawyer asked Jack what he and Kate were doing that night Michael came back… Jack told him that they got caught in a net. Sawyer told Jack that Ana-Lucia and him got frisky in the woods, that they got “caught in a net”, and that’s how she got his gun. Jack asked why he told him that, and Sawyer let him know that he’s the closest friend he’s got on the island. Touching, isn’t it?

Towards the end of the episode, during the funeral, the survivors notice a boat off in the distance… coming ashore! Who knows who/what is on it… some think it’s Desmond, who is supposedly going to be shown during next week’s 2 hour finale. I can’t wait.

I wish I had a theory about what’d happen, but anytime I do that I’m wrong, so I will just say I’m content to know that this season has been everything I thought it’d be.

Oh and btw, Let The Compass Be You Guide

. Namaste.

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