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DJ Tipz Thugstep Mixtape Vol. II

DJ Tipz done done it again! You loved the first Thugstep Mixtape, right? You ain't heard shit yet...

"Thugstep Mixtape, Volume II" (zShare stream/download link)


01/Lil' Wayne - Fireman (Nappy Vs. Gutterbreakz Thugstep Mix)
02/D Shep - 22's (Nappy Vs. Professor J Thugstep Mix)
03Khalifah ft. Bun B - Light A Fire (Nappy Vs. Ekaj Extended Thugstep Mix)
04/Big Boi & Purple Ribbon All Stars - Kryptonite (Nappy Vs. Juju Thugstep Mix)
05/Monsta - Cavewoman
06/Ric Jilla - Bounce Something (Nappy Vs. Demonic 1 Thugstep Mix)
07/Monsta - Aliens
08/Crime Mob - Here On Out (Nappy Vs. Emalkay Rough Thugstep Mix)
09/Boo ft. Young Jeezy - Miss Me With That Rap Shit (Nappy Vs. TRG Extended Thugstep Mix)
10/Jody Breeze - Rookie Of The Year (Nappy Vs. Bowzer Thugstep Mix)
11/Trillville ft. Twista - Neva Eva Remix (Nappy Vs. Pinch Extended Thugstep Mix)
12/Bravehearts ft. Lil' Jon & Nas - Quick To Back Down (Nappy Vs. Emalkay Thugstep Mix)
13/Fabolous ft. Young Jeezy - Do The Damn Thing (Nappy Vs. Radioactive Man/Narcossit Thugstep Mix)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Tipz gets it. He spins the tracks with such a ferociousness, with precise cuts and a keen sense of timing. Dude has a great ear, and has the skills to match. He even dropped a few choice cuts from Monsta's FREE DUBSTEP ALBUM. Props to Tipz, keep an ear peeled for homeboy.

For you DJs out there, if you want some of these THUGSTEP refixes by DJ Nappy, just shoot me an e-mail: khaldub@gmail.com. I'll lace you proper. And any DJs playing THUGSTEP and have mixes online, let me know - much shine will be given.


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