LOST: Latest Podcast/"Orchid" orientation film

Did you LOST fans miss my post from this past Friday, alerting you to the new podcast up? If so, I suggest you take 52 minutes out of your day and give this a listen. They take questions from a room full of fans, giving insight on the way the next 3 seasons will be structured (with some word towards the flash forwards), words about Michael's return, and some funny moments. They also made mention towards the end about an event that would be happening... which turned out to be a new orientation film! This time, it was about Station 6, AKA "The Orchid" (Lostpedia has all the info HERE). Check out this vid:

I also found the trailer for the much-hyped LOST video game:

I definitely think it's odd to have a linear game based on the show, but it looks interesting... who knows.

In any case, what do YOU guys think is going to happen this coming season (Feb. 2008 can't get here soon enough)???

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