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FOTM: THUGSTEP #4 (08/2007)

"looking like they mad at a pimp/acting bad like they know they wasn't fans off the rip"

What's going on good people? Big up to all the THUGSTEP supporters - I see the almost 900 downloads on the "40 Oz." refix... wanna shout out DJ Tipz especially. He came through, on his own mind you, and blazed a TOUGH THUGSTEP Mixtape (I hope you didn't sleep - Discobelle didn't!). Dude has another THUGSTEP mix forthcoming... watch this space.

In any case, this is a heatrock for the summertime. DJ Nappy done done it again - took Jody Breeze's "Rookie Of The Year" and laced it atop of bowzer's "Sudden Death". The intro is something slick - Jody lettin' you know how many can hate on the young grinder on the come up. He puts in his work and gets sideways smirks from all angles. Once that grimey bassline comes in - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Watch out. (If Jody sounds familiar, you might have heard him with his Boyz N Da Hood crew. Georgia, whattup!?!?)

As per usual, grab it HERE:

Show some love and spread the word, folk. Holla!

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