HOW did Weezy become king?

My boy Enigmatik and I google talk during the day, trading rap news, shooting the shit, singing "Chocolate Rain"... you know, good livin'. He hit me with this link to a vid on XXL on some "word on the street" shit, asking who the greatest rapper alive is? The unanimous answer is Lil' Wayne... which prompted this convo/rant**:

Sent at 1:35 PM on Thursday
khal: weezy do do his thing; not my fav but in the streets that nigga is the king
Enigmatik: my thing
khal: lil wayne for president is hilarious though
Enigmatik: how did he become the king?
khal: mixtape game. well really, he started rapping like jay-z. if you listen to a few of the cuts on carter 2, dude really sounds like jay-z. i cant remember the track names, but this nigga iw orked with was a big wayne fan. played me carter 2 and im like WOW he sounds like he is copying jay! i think he took that and ran with it. then, he just capitalized on the mixtape game, esp those joints with drama and that lead to him on everyone song. i mean niggas seeing wayne spit fire on r&b, hiphop, etc without an album out? i mean niggas in the hood hear wayne on the radio more than you see him on 106 & park. plus, niggas in the street cop mixtapes like 47s cop retail CDs. niggas dont know track 15 on ya album, but they know your freestyle over the jeezy beat word for word. you know how that goes... i bet your top 10 tracks right now aint on no one cd, whether its a freestyle or a promo or a rmx. sorry for the rant, but thats the nature of the game, how i see it.
Enigmatik: that's a good rant; it would make for a good post haha!
khal: i know right, but now i done typed it, and it wont come out the same lol. i'd be better just posting this convo, ala
oh word lol. matta fact... brb
Enigmatik: hahaha

And here we are, back where we started. What do YOU think? WHY is Weezy considered the greatest rapper alive?

**note: some of the rant has been cleaned up in terms of punctuation. my chat game isn't that clean!

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