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DOA Q&A: Outrage

My Q&A with Outrage is up on DOA. Respect to him.

He also dropped an exclusive mix with MC Justyce. Peep the tracklisting:

Creeper - Outrage - Backlash Records
Unknown - Amit
Dark Dream - Outrage and Dynamic
Running Scared - Outrage and Dynamic
Everything Changes - Nolige - Backlash Records
Route 808 - Outrage - Inneractive Music
Metaphysics - Dance Planet X (Outrage Rmx)
AWOL - Outrage
Cryonize Version - Outrage and Resound
Africa - Digital and Lutin - Phoenix Rising Album - Function
R.A.G.E. - Outrage - Rufige
Strangers Eyes - Outrage, Aperture and Kirsty Hawkshaw - Metalheadz
Broken Mind - Outrage
Amnesia - Outrage - Horizons Music
Seduction - Outrage (Paradox Rmx) - Horizons
Music Ice Cold - Outrage
Too bad. And no I'm not posting the link on any of my blogs until Friday... gotta draw you guys to the site! Again, OUTRAGE Q&A/MIX is up on DOA. Go grab it!

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