The Hit (trailer)

Peep the trailer for this new flick starring Blair Underwood, Al B Sure(!) and DeRay Davis:

Now check the synopsis:

Hen has made it to the big time. Growing up in Compton and starting his own record label off of money he conned from a loan shark, he has built up a $300 million empire. But there's a problem: Like all other rap labels, despite their enormous success, a huge portion of their profits are continually siphoned off by the major distribution houses. Hen is sick of this and decides to revolutionize the business by bringing together his and other rap labels to form a confederation apart from the distribution houses — a confederation that would be self-funded and allow them to keep the profits they earn while being socially conscious within their communities.

Rap labels are notorious for not getting along with one another, but under Hen’s leadership — and the promise of seeing triple the revenues — the labels decide to give it a shot . . . except one boss, who decides to take a much more violent approach to bring his cash cows back into the fold. The story twists and turns as betrayal leaves some dead and others in the hospital. Will this fledgling venture be able to withstand infighting and constant threats by mafia and music bosses alike?

DVD available on August 28th; pre-order this badboy HERE.

Review forthcoming.

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