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Aside from K-Mart, Dr. J in his prime would be perfect right about now...

NJ Nets, what's going on? I am a fan, although I do not watch as many games a year as I should, but with my son, I figured I wanted to have at least one bond (outside of classic wrestling matches on WWE 24/7) between us, and he seems to dig roundball - even if he is all of 1 year old. In any case, since I've been blogging about 5 moonths shy for two years, I guess it's about time that I dedicated a new series to my hometeam, the New Jersey Nets.

Tonight, unfortunately, my Nets will do battle with the Celtics, AKA the undefeated team that picked up both Jesus and KG in the off-season. *SIGH* Didn't we just get beat by these dudes over the weekend, where we lost Vince Carter? Do we need to suffer more? The Celtics are dropping the majority of their foes by double digits (at least), and don't seem to be running out of steam (maybe someone needs to pull a Tanya Harding on one of their "top 3"). Hopefully, we get solid performances from Kidd, RJ and, um, Nenad, who should be really coming into his own this year. Plus, I have Kidd on my fantasy squad, too (come to think of it - Carter is on my team too - I need an updated report before I drop him), so I hope he comes out with his usual great performance.

Speaking of Vinsanity, the only update is that he has a Grade 1 ankle sprain, but there's no timetable as to when he will come back. My relationship with Vince as a fan is more hate than love, because when there's not much on the line, Vince looks HOF-bound; when we need him to pull it out in the cluthc, oh say, Game 6 of a pivotal playoff series, he will flub shots, lack hustle and just be an all-around scrub with the rock. I don't get dude, but he is under contract, so I can only hope he gets back on his feet and plays quality ball.

Where will the Nets end up this season? As of right now, they are 2nd place in the Atlantic Division, right behind the Celtics (who are probably not going anywhere anytime soon), and if they play their usual ball, should at least make the playoffs. Second round if we're lucky. I just don't know what Rod Thorn is thinking. He needs to holla at Jay-Z, be like "yo, sir, can you please buy us a quality PF/Center and get this thing poppin'?", but NOOOOOO; is he conserving money for the supposed big move to Brooklyn? Who knows, but until someone opens up a purse (have they never heard of the old adage 'you gotta spend money to make money'?), we will have an aging legend in Kidd, an always-improving RJ and whatever the rest of the team is going to try and bring. I just don't see them going further with this squad/attitude.

Prove me wrong, Lawrence.

LOY'S PLACE has the match-up broken down HERE.


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