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Just a few quick announcements:

Sometime this week, this blog will be going down. Why? Well, I recently purchased http://www.rockthedub.com/, and plan on moving this blog to that domain. To do this, it might take 12-24 hours. I got plans and shit, so I'd imagine before the end of the week. Joy.

Also, I am working out a format/schedule, but last night I tested out a SHOUTcast show my peoples at NovaShells hooked up (they've got the ill deals on UNIX & IRCD shells, servers, shoutcast packages and all of that); we tested out the sounds, and yes, Hip-Hop and DnB @ 128kbps sounds PERFECT on it. This will be an extension of my rock the dub radio show for WGHH Radio - focusing on more ignornant Hip-Hop and loads more DnB - I'm thinking split shows. We'll see. So that is on the horizon - be on the lookout!

Any questions? Get at me.

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Anonymous said...

Great news, I'm looking forward to it. I love reading your blog!