Fuck Prince

Now, this being rock the dub, guys like Prince don't get much play on this here blog. Not to say I'm not a fan of his, for "Erotic City", his Batman soundtrack, and Purple Rain, among much more of his music, are some of the shit that made me who I am today. I was a fan of his back when people though Michael Jackson would kick his ass in a battle (like Chris Rock said, "Prince won!")... but this is some bullshit.

Look, Prince, I can understand you wanting to control your art. I am all for that; I understood the name change, the "SLAVE" on your cheek, and I backed you. I loved the fact that you ended up reclaiming your name and really taking control of your masters. Big thing for art and artists alike. The thing is, you're dicking over three of the biggest Prince fansites there are? How you gonna fuck over people who helped make you who you are today, financially, and tell THEM TO TAKE DOWN THEIR ART!?!? Photos are one thing, but fan-generated media, praising you? That's like the James Brown estate telling you to stop playing Funk tunes, or Jimi Hendrix telling you to stop playing guitar. Why stifle someone who is so obviously enamored enough by you to take time out of their busy life to produce something to show their appreciation with you and your work?

You've made mad money in the last few years, touring off of your back catalogue. Who do you think bought those CDs/tapes/vinyl records? Who do you think buys your tickets, nigga? The fans! Don't become the industry - don't put up inane restrictions which will further fuck over the very group you need to help further your own monetary gain. That shit can (will?) bite you in the ass, and then leave you for dead.


Anonymous said...

ok in this is why no one commented this cause 4 one you sound crazy as hell nigga! second of all you are right with some things but if you don't like prince it your choice . Plus his music is not even out like that anymore so chill it's 2008 nigga relax.

khal said...

1) i might have sounded crazy, i can deal with that. i was heated.

2) never said prince wasn't my choice. i grew up on prince, and still jam to his music every once in a while. that wasn't my issue at all in this post...

3) your "it's 2008 nigga relax" comment is kind of arbitrary - this post was made in nov 2007 lol.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Prince, I hope his dick falls off. Little Napolean motherfucker