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Junclassic "Mama Used To Say"

Junclassic "Mama Used To Say": Talk about unexpected... Jun flips Junior's "Mama Used To Say"? Perfect way to get motivated on a Monday morning after a holiday weekend. Jun told me about this, and I almost bugged when he said he was working on it - really pulled it off, homey!

Peep this preview of his Southside's Savior mixtape with Dub MD, which drops on the 13th of July!

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Anonymous said...

Thank You My G!!!

I found it ironic that 50 dropped that Forever King on Friday so I wanted to drop this ASAP so heads wouldnt think I was, ahem, biting.

No bitin aloud!

Showin my age hahahah

Glad you dug it Fam!

Ima Seranade The Hood Wit It this Summer...

Stay Up KhemLab Khal!


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