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What About Rosie?

I had a feeling that J Slikk was going to be heated when I spotted who Felt 3's album is a tribute to. I'm not one to call out a biting ass nigga... well, I am, but how much is too much? BPA isn't as known as Slug & Murs are, but damn. The "Dreamcatcher Revisited" CDS dropped back in June of '08, where we definitely let y'all know that it was from the Souldancer: A Tribute To Rosie Perez project that Cy Yung and Slikk were working on.

Shit sucks. And I feel bad. I just wish I had the Souldancer album in my possession.

*sigh* I guess in the end, its a testament to how fly Rosie Perez is.

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MR.GRIM said...

That sucks! But at least we all know BPA's would be better. That team of Cy and J can't be beat!