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Elucid The Sub Bass Diet

Lemme find out Christmas came early. One of my favorite MCs, Elucid, has unleashed his 2009 opus, The Sub Bass Diet. I've been WAITING to grace RTD with this project, and I'm glad that the greenlight was turned on early.

We've been beating your skull in with Elucid's sublow excursions all year long, and I'm proud to champion his material. For so many of you who diss on MCs who don't stick to whatever cookie-cutter fantasies you imagine Hip-Hop to be, listen to this and then try and prove to me that Elucid doesn't have it. It's not just being in the pocket... it's saying something. "Whirlwind Thru Cities" is a perfect example of the hybrid Hip-Hop/EDM vibe, where those snappy snares are detuned and placed atop some wicked rumblings. Dubstep selections like "Laser Days" and "My Mayor Is A Billionaire (BBC)" follow Gutta's penchant for breaking down society's ills with his signature real nigga talk. The one gem I've been waiting to hit you heathens with is "Bad Dreamz", where he concocts a truly wicked dream (nightmare?) scenario over some murky dubstep excellence. Tracks like this, where homey's bars float effortlessly, make you wonder how these Grime and dubstep MCs sleep at night with some of their more juvenile artistry.

And don't get me started on "Which Way Is Up?"... this is one of the sleepers, trust!

I could go on and on about this, but you should really just download the full project and then thank Elucid for his work. He's a beacon of hope in this scene, and no matter how many times I say it, he's part of the growing ethos behind what I do at rock the dub. Catch up.

DOWNLOAD Elucid The Sub Bass Diet


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