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Wu-Tang Enters The Dubstep: Win?

I'm undecided on this. The beats are knockin'... but this was the thing about THUGSTEP: many detractors wanted to hear different MCs over the beats, but you have to have a certain flow to go over dubstep. RZA isn't it - I was always of the mind that the Southern MCs like Lil' Wayne, or even cats who style like Eminem, worked much better over the beats. Or niggas like Elucid, who really know how to get in the pocket over the dubstep beats. But I won't be the deciding nigga - you be the judge. Check out these cuts from the project:

I'd love to get some of these insturmentals... that Parson riddim is my favorite right now. If you're feeling these, go cop Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep now.

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