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2010 State Of The Union Address

Here's the Annotated State of the Union Address (thanks, Danyel).

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Tom Degan said...

The entire country is focusing it's attention this morning on President Obama's State of the Union address last night. I have nothing original to add to the discussion other than my view that it seems the prez is trying to jump start his faltering administration. A lot of "the experts" are at the moment dismissing this White House as dead in the water. If they had any concept of history they would know better. Many presidents in the past got off to a bad start. If George W. Bush were judged only on his first year in office, he would today be remembered as one of the worst Chiefs Executive in American history....

Okay, maybe that's not a good example. Let me try again....

Jack Kennedy had a fairly shaky start in his first year (Remember the Bay of Pigs?) and yet he turned out to be pretty good at the job. A year from will find us at the half way point of Obama's first (I hope) term. Let's see what happens between now and then. NOTE TO LIBERALS: To abandon all faithin this president now would not only be foolish, it would be a half-step away from insanity. Chill!


Tom Degan