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Lil' Jon ft. LMFAO "Outta Your Mind"

Lil' Jon ft. LMFAO "Outta Your Mind": I'm not a big club-goer, and even when I'm in the club, I'm past the age where I'm really gettin' crunk. Even if I'm tipsy, you won't see khal in the club in 2010 going ham. If I did subscribe to that ethos, though, tracks like this would be my soundtrack. It's got a dope low-end, and the hybrid noodling is enough to really make a nigga do some wild shit, be it E or simple assault. I only know LMFAO from that "shots shots shot-shot" song, and I'm not really sure what their contribution to this is aside from some random whiteboy rapping (did I really need to hear beer pong in this?), but to each his own. Po' it up and get outta your mind!

In the blast I got for this track (sup Future Star?), they included this .zip, featuring different cities getting called out in it, including NY, Miami, Las Vegas, and shouts for the Dirty South, Mid West and West Coast. DJs, you know what to do.

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