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The Notorious B.I.G. Hot 97 Tribute Mix Tape

March 9th always has me feeling a lil' sentimental... you should already know why. I found this tape a few months back, and it brought back memories. Not necessarily of me HEARING this tape, as getting Hot 97 in Trenton/Hamilton can be a chore. But I remember, say, MLK Day, listening to the 8PM mix on Power 99 and hearing both versions of "One More Chance", "Player's Anthem" and other Biggie gems being dropped one after the other. Maybe it's me associating B.I.G. as my favorite MC because at the time he was rising, I was in my teenage years - I literally grew to his music. Or maybe it's just that he was just that damn ill. Depends on the day, depends on the song...

Anyways, here's Mister Cee's 1998 Tribute mix of Biggie jams. This is a "scene" rip of the cassette, so the quality isn't crispy - but if you grew up rockin' Walkmans with the wack headphones, you know what time it is. All your favorites are in here, from classic singles to guest appearances and freestyles. RIP B.I.G.

DOWNLOAD The Notorious B.I.G. Hot 97 Tribute Mix Tape

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Silence said...

I copied the download link and made a torrent out of the file too - ya know, to keep it alive - http://silenciobarnes.com/music/mister-cee-presents-the-best-of-biggie-mixtape/