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RIP Guru

It's only been about a month and a half since we first caught word of Guru's hospitalization, and word spread over the early morning that Guru has passed away, succumbing to what we now know as a battle with cancer.

Now I imagine I share a deep appreciation for the institution known as Gangstarr, as DJ Premier and Guru made some timeless Hip-Hop, for us. Their chemistry seemed to be classic, with just raw beats and ill lyrics being all that anyone truly needs for a great Hip-Hop album/song/whatever. The way Guru's life with Solar has developed ever since Primo and Guru split, and especially with all of the fuckery that's gone on in the last month, that "deathbed letter" that I believe Solar wrote is just awful. It doesn't sound like something a dying man would write, especially in how negative and cold it can be about things... but now is not the time to dwell on that. Hit the jump for some of my favorite Guru/Gangstarr videos and performances. And long live one of the legendary voices and individuals within the game.

EDIT Here's Mister Cee's Guru Tribute Mix, taken from today's Throwback At Noon on Hot 97, which is coincidentally where Hip-Hop lives. Download that, and while you're waiting, hit the jump. Shouts to Nah Right.



Sound Verite said...

Gang Starr legacy will live on strong!


sbk said...

solar wrote it, theres no doubt about it. all that "partner" shit sounds wild broke back and you know it. I read somewhere else in a comment it sounded like a coverup for aids.. could that be true? could this be the worst year hiphop has ever seen?



Anonymous said...

Guru will truly be missed. Great short piece on the life & times of the greatest eMCee: http://bit.ly/ae2zfi

Unknown said...

guru will never be forgotten, truly a legend, rest in peace .... we will miss you a lot