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RTD Presents Niggas Is A Beautiful Thang

Here's one of the more fun mixes I've made in a while. One of the things I do on my tumblr blog is post YouTube videos that crack me up or are shit I don't want to post here for whatever reason. One day, I got bit by the "ignant Rap classic" bug, and was posting a number of videos that made it to this mix. With track suggestions (and over all guidance) from @EnigmatikBGDB, this mix of nigga guilty pleasures came to fruition. As you may notice on RTD, I post a lot of underground/slept-on artists, but I have an affinity for a dope track, regardless of how ignorant/demeaning/counter-productive it can be. If the beat's hot, I fuck with it. This mix is a number of tracks that I can't escape, mainly for their overt use of every day nigga bullshit, but also for their beats. Once I figured that Honeycutt's "niggas is a beautiful thang" song from Bamboozled would be the hook, it was a wrap. Enjoy the first day of summer - get some sun on your face, chew on some watermelon Now or Laters and ride out on these ho's.


01/Honeycutt (Intro)
02/Rich Boy ft. Polow Da Don "Throw Some D's"
03/David Banner ft. Lil' Flip "Like A Pimp"
04/Project Pat ft. La Chat, DJ Paul & Juicy J "Chickenhead"
05/Juvenile ft. Mannie Fresh & Lil' Wayne "Back That Azz Up"
06/Slim Thug "Like A Boss"
07/Rick James interlude
08/Bailey "Fuck Yo Couch"
09/Rick James interlude 2
10/Khia "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)"
11/Maceo "Ho Sit Down"
12/Crucial Conflict "Hay"
13/B Rich "Whoa Now"
14/Iconz "Get Fucked Up"
15/Luke ft. Trick Daddy "Scarred"
16/Prince Paul "Booty Clap"
17/Sporty Thieves "Cheapskate"
18/Hitman Sammy Sam "Step Daddy"
19/DJ Unk "Walk It Out"
20/Soulja Boy "Turn My Swag On"
21/Hurricane Chris ft. Superstarr "Halle Berry (She's Fine)"
22/Shawty Lo "They Know (Dey Know)"
23/Gucci Mane "Lemonade"
24/Lil' B "Pretty Boy"
25/Chris Rock Fresh (Outro)