Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z & The Dream "Shiny Suit Theory"

Jay Electronica ft. Jay-Z & The Dream "Shiny Suit Theory": After reading @EnigmatikBGDB’s accurate dismantling of this Diddy/Jay Electronica #ithurtswhenbreathe shit over the weekend, I’m just glad there’s some ill music that came from Jay signing to Roc Nation. Instrumental on this is a monster – the best way to my music lovin’ heart is picking a perfect snippet of music and looping it. No hard drums. No ridiculous bass. Just that proper classic vibe. I won’t even go in on who outspit whom – this is some shit I want to commit to a Maxell tape and keep rewinding. I also won’t sit here and wonder when an album is coming – just let me relish in Hov fucking the shit out of this beat right now.

Bonus Beats Jay Electronica “The Announcement” [via Nah Right]

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Sound Verite said...

I didn't think Hova cared.

Jay Electronica yessir!