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Tef Poe "Everybody Strapped"

Tef Poe "Everybody Strapped" (prod. by Indiana Rome): With War Machine on the horizon, and the injustice of the recent Oscar Grant-related trial in our recent rearview, Poe felt a certain kind of way, and decided to drop this unapologetic cut, which he finished months ago. It embodies the hatred that certain niggas have when they get tuned in and realize that shit isn’t really change for us, the little people. In this capitalist society, we are the cogs that hold the gears together to work these machines for those who push the buttons. Niggas wanna talk being disenfranchised, but are you about revolution? You willing to pick up a gun? You trying to really make a difference? Let this be your anthem. Hit the jump for Poe’s mindstate in this cut…

This is a very harsh record but I don’t apologize for one single lyric.

I am asking people everywhere to post it not for my personal gratification but simply to spread the message about this terrible act of injustice.

I really do think this is a tragic American tragedy and some kinda way we should all do our part to speak out about this. I know some of us may feel like there really isn’t anything we can do but we all need to challenge ourselves to do something even if its something subtle you dont have to lay down in the middle of the street and die.I’m just asking you to activate your heart and unplug your self from the system momentarily.

In this same record I am also attempting to bring attention to the case of a political prisoner from St.Louis MO,by the name of Reggie Clemons who is now fighting for his life on death row (please Google for more details)

I actually wrote and recorded this song months ago.

the disenfranchised people of the world have a voice again War Machine coming soon…


Tef Poe said...

thanx Khal

this record is lighting a fire under ppl's asses

Unknown said...

Powerful, nuff said.