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Avion "Android 17"

Avion "Android 17" (prod. by rMell): First off, respect to DJ Nappy for putting me onto this cat. I won't say the Kool Klux Klan are the next Odd Future - that's craziness - but it feels ill to have another pack of teens doing their fucking thing, and being ill doing it. I'm just getting put onto these niggas, but it looks like sites like Back To Pluto have been up on them for a minute. I actually tweeted a couple lines from this track, and cats like Deal - The Villain were feeling it, so I know I'm not crazy. No hook on this, just a shitload of sick bars. Nappy said he felt like that 2002/2003 underground vibe to this, I'd say '98 all the way. Straight don't give a fuck style. And I hate to be on some "oh this nigga so young spitting this hard", but really, when cats like Avion and Earl Sweatshirt get me hyped about Hip-Hop's future, and neither of them can vote, it's just an interesting thing to ponder. Maybe it's truly time to say fuck the old guard, let's build up these talented cats on the under.

Hopefully we'll hear more from Avion and the Kool Klux...

Via B2P.

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