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Daví "That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)"

Daví "That Thump (New Music In Yo Ear)": Not that I’m gonna compare Daví to Prince, but the lo-fi fuzzy bass, snare cracks and those random keys had me feeling like I was dancing in Paisley Park or some shit. The influences are definitely some 80s Funk style, from actual lyrical content to the whole vibe. Like neph is going to have to make a video shot entirely on VHS to make this one perfect. Daví’s a choreographer that’s worked with loads of people (Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson and Cubic Zirconia, among others), and is using that work to help mold the music he’s making. I respect the idea of mixing genres, and when homey says he wants to pull from George Clinton, M.I.A. and DâM-FunK, you can tell someone’s being forreal. Some funk that you might need to save for Friday night, while you’re in the midst of a serious trip – or about ready to put the head in.


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