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MF DOOM "My Favorite Ladies" The Hank McCoy Remixes

First drop from the #MONTHOFTHEMASK series finds Hank McCoy putting his own spin on MF DOOM's "My Favorite Ladies", which may be about females... or about shit that can get you loose(r). Part of the allure of DOOM's spit was when I realized "hey, he twisted a rhyme that could be smoked a few different ways". Not groundbreaking shit, but he always surprised me. Still does. Hank provides a couple of remixes to this sly one, sampling a couple of solid throwback sounds, giving you different ways to rock to this one. Big up to #DSTRCT9, RTD-approved shit. Enjoy that.

DOWNLOAD MF DOOM "My Favorite Ladies (Hank McCoy Remix)"

DOWNLOAD MF DOOM "My Favorite Ladies (Hank McCoy Remix 2)"

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