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Kid Hum & RTD Present Offshore Drilling

Don't you love when a plan comes together? In looking back over past e-mails, it seems as I first discussed the idea to flip Fossil Fuel into Offshore Drilling with Kid Hum back in December of 2008. Six months, that's a decent turnaround time, no? In that timeframe, I've been thoroughly amazed at how slick the tunes coming in have been... I'm always amazed when an idea comes to fruition. I would like to say this is all my doing - I just played middleman, sowing seeds and contacting heads. I want to shout out EVERYONE who contributed to this project, from Hum being so receptive to the MCs hitting us with some explosive material to the various websites who've helped spread the word on this endeavour. Now you can finally enjoy what I've been waiting to drop on you guys...


1. Cy Yung "Audobon"
2. Whygee "Klonopins"
3. Prezzure "Never Say Never"
4. Sunken State "Gingivitis"
5. Brown Bag All-Stars "Disappointment"
6. Junclassic "Angst"
7. Joulz Il "My Microphone"
8. Hellz Yea! "RTD Anthem
9. L. Chanes "Church"
10. Pugz Atomz ft. Primeridian & Awdazcate "The Ride"
11. Braille "Thinking Shoes"
12. Cy Yung "Cy De B"
13. Blueface (Sky 7th & Lou Sleefe) "50 Years"
14. Bonus Track: Junclassic "Passport"
15. Bonus Track: Sunken State "Cavities"

For more information on this project, including MySpace links for each and every artist involved, hit up the OD section of House Of Waxx. Once again, I thank everyone who took the time to get involved. And don't think this is the last you'll hear from these niggas... Cy and Kid Hum have SOBEIT in the works, and Jun is making some sick shit with Kid as well. WhyGee and Sunk One's Suicide Watch 2 is also in the works, and I have retrospective collections from Joulz Il and Cy Yung on the way. This summer finna be a SCORCHER!

Creative Commons License
Offshore Drilling by Kid Hum & Rock The Dub is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


Unknown said...

Seriously...this is absolute heat right here. Do yourself a favor and download this.

Anonymous said...

Kidhummin' comin' atcha! Okay, the phrase is dated, but the music stays fresh. nice.

MR.GRIM said...

Thanks so much for this:) Awesome album! Kid Hum is crazy, get this album now!!

Fossil Fuel Music said...

I've been excited for a while to show these songs to people!!

This is one of my favorite rap albums in years!!!

jon jon said...


#PraverbForever! said...

This is dope...support the homie...

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