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The Wire, Season 5: "-30-" [recap]

It's really over. XXX. Fin-i-to. Done and done. And while most things change, The Wire shows that everything in stays the same - maybe different faces, but the same old shit. So is life...

McNulty & Freamon ended up getting found out and got off, although I find it hard to believe that McNulty can live the civilian life. Freamon? He's good with a beautiful woman and some antique dollhouse furniture to sell. McNulty? He is just, as Landsman said, "natural poh-lice". You see how quick he figured out that copycat murder? That nigga still has it in him...

While I don't think it was funny, I found myself laughing when Bunk and Kima realized that the latest death was a copycat. Bunk is chewing McNulty out on the sly, mainly due to the cameras and shit out there. I missed the Bunk in a lot of these episodes - him playing it close and on point didn't give time for him burning his clothes or any of his other escapades. Great scene for the "black liar".

You knew from jump that Carcetti was going to sweep the whole fake serial killer angle under the rug. He had no choice if he wanted to keep his career going - and everyone had to fall in line as well. Sad part is, everyone pretty much got away with it - aside from Chris Partlow and Monk, everyone else is either dead or out of the game (on both sides). And what gets accomplished? Scott Templeton gets an award...

That tense scene with Scott yelling at Gus was just what I had been waiting for! Scott so frustrated as everyone was disbelieving him, and his "it's in my notes" cry ended up getting Alma moved and Gus demoted. But it seems like Gus was happy, at least his replacement was a great, truthful writer. Scott I assume left the Sun to go on to USA Today or some other rag, and the cycle just kept on moving from there.

Where was Clay Davis in this episode?

How sad was the whole scene with Dukie and Prezbo. You could smell the horse manure and spot the vials cracked up in Duquan's shoes. I had a feeling he would turn to that life, and would joke about it, but seeing Dukie shooting up - that was just deep. On the flipside, it was ill to see Michael become the new Omar. I assume he's not gay, but it was dope to see that revenge manifest itself in Michael sticking up the older gods.

Oh and ROFL at Cheese getting so cocky and getting his wig pushed back by Slim Charles. That needed to be done, and although Slim cost the Co-Op $900K, he saved them a load of headaches.

Fuck Carcetti. I knew he was a snake, and Daniels was 100% right for wanting to burn Carcetti with what he knew. He had no choice but to quit, though - he would be hurting his ex-wife as well as his white lover. Man can't burn both bridges. And plus, we got to see Valchek's sly old ass up in the mix!

LOL @ David Simon's cameo in the newsroom. Tres Hitchcockian! (Peep Salon.com's interview with Simon.)

I mean, what else is there? I was pissed as hell at Herc for snaking his way into the limelight, even though I guess he sees himself fucking the system that fucked him - although I don't think he was Sarge material at all. TV Squad thinks Levy knew Herc jacked the cell #, and maybe he does - essentially, they used each other, and are about to cake off on this case.

And Marlo. Can't escape the streets. I must admit: I saw him as a cocky, arrogant ass. I realized with this episode, though, that he was the smart guy. He knew he could get out the game with serious bread, and do what Stringer Bell couldn't. Levy saw it, too. Levy would let Stringer go on those meetings and get bled, but Levy seemed to look out for Marlo. In any case, Marlo just loved that power. He had to get out on that block and taste his own blood, make sure he could still do it. For that instant, he was satisfied... and I honestly believe he could live without the game. He's a businessman, right?

In the end, like I said from jump, it's all cyclical. Someone has to get shot in the leg. Someone has to become the new commish. Someone has to be McNulty. Someone has to keep the gears moving. We all do, just to get by. Thing is, The Wire was about showing you where the holes are, and exposing you to what might work in shifting those gears. The thing is, like with global warming or our presidential parties, we're too stuck in our ways, and afraid of change. We know what would be good for us, and expect so much, but don't realize that life isn't all glitz and glamor. Why do you think Omar caught a slug in the dome from a kid? You wanted that hail of bullets. As great of a character as Omar was, he was still a stickup man. They don't cover stick-up men in the paper, the fuck make you think he deserves some blaze of glory. Life doesn't work that way, and until we take shows like The Wire seriously and start to make a change, shut the fuck up about things being different.

I will miss this show. It spoke to the people in the struggle, and showed the bigger picture in regards to the ills of our society. I loved every minute, every frame, every milisecond of speech. I'll miss Bunk's cigars and Marlo's scar. Clay Davis' wit and McNulty's grit (as well as the tits of the chicks he boned). I'll miss Kima's voice and Carver's hard choices. Freamon's wisdom and the many dumb-ass characters throughout the show. Bubbles' will and Slim Charles' ill cool. Prop Joe and Omar. Avon and Stringer. Bodie & Poot. Prezbo. Randy. Gus. The Sabotkas. Norman. There's so much I love and truly appreciate about this show, and the words are meaningless right now. Go sit down with all 5 seasons, watch the quilt get made and then wrap yourself up in the comfort, knowing that real life is just that real.

Thank you for putting out The Wire.

Hit up the HBO.com synopsis on this finale, as well as The Wire Public Record being made.


Trackstar the DJ said...

I love the Wire like I love hip hop. Another great recap. I'm depressed that I'll never see another new Wire ep...

Andrew Barber said...

Good write-up.

You forgot to mention the Wee-Bay cameo at the end, which was great.

My only wish was that they would have focused more on the paths of Marlo and Chris. Not enough time was spent on them.

I'd also hoped that Avon would be released from jail on that final scene, but that was obviously wishful thinking.

Good to see Slim Charles finally made it to CEO status.

khal said...

word i did forget to mention 'Bay. that was kind of wild. he was one of my favorite characters as well. like the scene in season 1, right before the cops busted into the pit and got the wrong door. he just had ill delivery with his lines.

khal said...

Andrew @ Fake Shore Drive hit me with this link: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2008/03/the_wire_finales_final_montage.html?mid=daily-entertainment--yahoo-buzz

nice summation of the montage, shot fi shot.