Friday, July 13, 2007

DJ Tipz Thugstep Mixtape

I want to first shout the one like DJ Tipz (UK) for rocking an all-THUGSTEP mixtape, without prompting by me. This mixtape has already gotten shine on Ipswich Community Radio a few weeks back (watch out for Tipz on ICRFM when they go LIVE on your UK FM Dials!), and its a bonafide party starter! Tipz is nice with his cuttin' and scratchin', and he knows how to transition well. Plus, he's a big THUGSTEP supporter, which is always welcome around these here parts.

"Thugstep Mixtape" (zShare stream/download link)

Here's the tracklisting:

01/Lil' Jon ft. Three Six Mafia "Act A Fool (DJ Nappy Vs. Coki THUGSTEP Mix)"
02/Young Dro "Shoulder Lean (DJ Nappy Vs. Deadly Habit THUGSTEP Mix)"
03/Big Cas "Check My Feet (DJ Nappy Vs. Hijack EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
04/Birdman & Lil' Wayne "Stuntin' Like My Daddy (DJ Nappy Vs. Luke Envoy THUGSTEP Mix)"
05/Big Kuntry King ft. T.I. "Throwback (DJ Nappy Vs. Hijack EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
06/Unk "2 Step (DJ Nappy Vs. genetic.krew EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
07/Allstar Cashville's Prince ft. Yo Gotti "Tear It Up (DJ Nappy Vs. El Rakkas EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
08/Richboy ft. Polow Da Don "Throw Some D's (DJ Nappy Vs. Benga EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"
09/Lil' Wayne "Go DJ (DJ Nappy Vs. Benga THUGSTEP Mix)"
10/D12 "40oz. (DJ Nappy Vs. Lukr'N'Gully THUGSTEP Mix)"
11/Young Joc "Goin' Down (DJ Nappy Vs. Juju THUGSTEP Mix)"
12/B Dub "Do Whatcha Do (DJ Nappy Vs. Boxcutter EXTENDED THUGSTEP Mix)"

One thing about Tipz, he gets it. Most dubstep producers/fanboys take things too serious. Or they dislike "crunk" rap. Or whatever you want to call it. They call them crude bootlegs, or just plain shit. The thing is, the basis and origins of mixed music is to, yes, get a party poppin'. When these DJ tools are used properly (listen to the mix!), they can set a fuckin' dancehall on FIRE! See for yourself. Almost 40 minutes of THUGSTEP trickery, mixed by DJ Tipz. All tracks (aside from the intro and the "Throw Some D's" instrumental in there) were refixed by DJ Nappy.

Keep it locked to Tipz's MySpace page for more turntable tomfoolery from him, and keep it locked here for all things THUGSTEP!

UPDATE: Do you not prefer downloading from FileFront? Hit this sharebee link for other download links: zShare, megaupload, sendspace AND rapidshare. BOH!

Friday the 13th playlist (June 2007)

01/Hobzee & Zyon Base "Red Letter" [audio @ Zyon Base's virb page. You should also check out Hobzee's "Don't Go" at his virb page. Big tune!]
02/Mutt "Nice As Me"
03/NWA "Dopeman (Remix)"
04/El-P "EMG (Bass Clef Remix)"
05/Lil' Jon & Ying Yang Twins "Get Low (Nappy's Dilla blend)"

What a beautiful top 5...

Mela Machinko ft. Pharoahe Monch "Name In Lights" (prod. by Con?one)
New Termanology cuts: "That Thump" ft. Ea$y Money (prod. by Buckwild) and "Revenge" ft. Ghetto (prod. by MoSS)
Erick Sermon ft. Vic Damone "Give It 2 'Em"
Soulja Boy "Crank Dat Souljaboy AKA Superman Dat Hoe"
Ice Water: "Hip-Hop Tribute"
Chamillionaire "Can't Tell Me Nothing"
Smiley The Ghetto Child "Busted", and Twin Gambino "Hood's Diary", both produced by Chaze, and both taken from the Grim Team Presents: Once Upon A Time In America - The Prequel CD (spotted at Spine Magazine)
Eve ft. Sean Paul "Give It To You"
Prodigy ft. Kool G Rap & Nature "I Thought I Told You" (prod. by Scram Jones)
Dr. Cornel West (wtf??) ft. Talib Kweli "Bushonomics"
Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #15 (Can’t Tell Me Nothin freestyle)"
Snoop Dogg "It's The D.O.G."


Peep the mixes over at DPD. This week's FYLP features Atlantic Connection, Gremlinz and DJ Friction touching down.


Speaking of Atlantic Connection, he dropped a Hip-Hop mix as well. Peep the tracklisting:

1. 9th Wonder - Warrior Song (Nas Inst.)
2. 9th Wonder - Make Your Move (Heiroglyphics Inst.)
3. 9th Wonder - Instrumental
4. Median - How Big is Your World
5. Murs & 9th Wonder - Dark Skin White Girl
6. 9th Wonder - Instrumental
7. Common - The Light
8. Jascat - My Love
9. Spectac - When I Rock
10.Slum Village - Fall In Love (Jay Dee Remix)
11.Total Science feat. Phonte - Wasting Time

Kind of 9th Wonder crazy, but nothing wrong with that really.


DJ Tipz has crafted a sick THUGSTEP Mixtape. Check this post for more info. Shouts to Tipz for spreading the sound!


Stretch Armstrong continues to take you back to the old WKCR days. This segment features Black Moon and Smif-N-Wessun from 1993. Say word.


How about the great folks at Discobelle have blessed me with a link on their blog! They threw me at the end of their "We Got Mail" post, saying they were glad I sent them a link to Bitch-Made In America! SAY WORD!!


Peep out my contribution to the Subvert Central Podcast (SC Podcast 28). All El-P/Company Flow ish. Tracklist/info in this post.


For all of you Stevie B/Sa-Fire fans, peep this blog, Freestyle Beats. All MP3 rips of classic, out of print Freestyle vinyl. Loads of 12" mixes!


That's about it this week. I will leave you with this:

Gravediggaz "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide"

I hope your Friday the 13th is calm. Go watch some Jason Voorhees and stay inside.

Subvert Central Podcast 28 (by khal)

The 28th edition of the Subvert Central podcast has recently gone up. The SC camp was primarily a spot for subverts of a DNB persuasion, but their podcasts range from jungle/DNB to punk, funk, jazz and all points in between (burn this link into your RSS feeder). I did a mix for them, this one showcasing my love for older El-P/Company Flow cuts. I originally entitled it "Burnt At Both Ends", but SC Podcast 28 is fine. Check the tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Indellible MCs "Weight"
03. Company Flow "Linda Tripp"
04. Company Flow "Suzy Pulled a Pistol on Henry"
05. Jello Biafra interlude
06. Latyrx ft. El-P "Looking Over A City"
07. El-P "The Nang, The Front, The Bush and The Shit"
08. Indellible MCs "Fire In Which You Burn (With Intro)"
09. Jello Biafra vs. Company Flow "Shadows Drown The Media"
10. Cannibal Ox "Raspberry Fields"
11. Prefuse 73 ft. Ghostface Killah & El-P "Hideyaface (El-P Mix)"
12. Company Flow "One Night In Austin"
13. Company Flow ft. Ill Bill "Simian D AKA Feeling Ignorant"

You know you want it. Download HERE.

The Observation Deck (13th July 2007)

Some points of interest while I await my wreckoning on this Friday the 13th:

Sick, sad world, no?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dumped for calling customer service?

Peep this letter (spotted at Gadgetell). How the fuck are you going to cancel people for being considered "high maintenance"? You basically said "you're too dumb to use our service". Why not take a look at your service, see if you can fix a few confusing things, and then go on from there.

The thing is, now they are saying they did this b/c people were scamming, which is a legitimate beef, I guess (even though I don't know who would be that determined to call them EVERY DAY demanding a credit). The thing is, what if you have a problem with your service, say a name change or something, and it cannot be resolved with one (or two) calls. Do you get dropped b/c of that? It's one thing to not make payments then try to obtain credits (hell, a swindle is a swindle), but what about specifics where consumers say they got cancelled over real problems, like getting charged for shit they didn't do?

Don't they record phone convos? Why not go through the records of people with legit beef(s), and try to sort it out?

In any case, I'm glad I rock Virgin Mobile...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

VIdeo Ho's volume 2

Hurricane Chris "A Bay Bay"

My son's favorite song. Well, he laughs when I "sing" the "chorus" to him.

R. Kelly ft. Usher "Same Girl"

Word to Charles In Charge.

Lil' Scrappy "Livin' In The Projects"

Videos like this are cool only when the artists still lives in the projects. And why do all of these niggas have wads of cash but stay sittin' on project stoops?

Kanye West "Stronger"

This is supposed to get me excited about a new Kanye LP? Cassie flittin' around Japan and Kanye with those odd slit shades?

The word CRUNK has been added to Webster's dictionary. In honor of that, let's post up a CRUNK ASS VIDEO!:

Lil' Jon ft. E-40 & Sean Paul "Snap Ya Fingers"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

KRS-One's stepson commits suicide?


What's really going on in the world?

In any case, RIP to Randy Hubbard Parker, and condolences go out to KRS and his family.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The Observation Deck (9th July 2007)

  • Are the crimes committed these days more violent than years passed, or is there just an increase in reporting disturbing crimes?
  • What is it with large sunglasses on little faced people? I'm seeing the public more than I ever do, and I notice it's the girls with the small heads wearing the glasses that make them look like they have big ass eyes.
  • I know there was controversy over Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" lyrics ("that little faggot is a mill-ion-aire!"), but did they beef with them like the beefed with Eminem?
  • How much longer do we have to wait for a commercial Hip-Hop album that matters to be released?
  • Anyone else think it's kind of fucked up that MTV champions their Super Sweet 16 show, then essentially disses the kids they highlight by making a movie mocking their attitudes?
  • Why is Sony dropping the price of a PS3 by $100 news? Real news would be me being able to afford to play video games and talk on a nice cell phone. Instead I'm rocking my OYSTR ($20) with the free BlackJack (excuse me, Race21) game it came with. HIT ME!