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50 Cent: OnSMASH Interview in 3 Parts

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You've seen this linked all over your internets, and I acutally enjoyed seeing 50 Cent speak. I am not the biggest fan of his music, although GRODT was my shit when it first dropped (as were his mixtapes pre-Aftermath), but his interviews are always captivating.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Not every Hip-Hop site can say 50 Cent name checked them! Nice one, OnSMASH!

"U.S. Americans"

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Good thing school starts back up soon!

I did hear that homegirl was on the Today show this morning, and did a bit better.

postscript: Maps For Us - the children of America need maps.

LOST News: Jeff Fahey, others, added to cast!

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Remember The Lawnmower Man? Yes, dude is going to be on LOST. No word as to WHO he will be, but he is one of FIVE new actors added to the cast, including:

  • Jeremy Davies (dude played Charles Manson in the Helter Skelter 2004 TV movie... was also in Nell and Saving Private Ryan)
  • Lance Reddick (AKA Lt. Daniels from The Wire, Desmond Mobay on OZ, and the cop in the "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" video)
  • Ken Leung (dude who played Carter Chong in the last season of The Sopranos, he was also in Saw, OZ, X-Men: The Last Stand and Inside Man) and
  • Rebecca Mader (The Devil Wears Prada)

You know you love it. IMDB has both Mader and Reddick listed for Season 4, Episode 1, but no character info has been leaked...

Can't wait!

Deconstructing Biggie: UPS Is Hiring

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The Real has a new video up, breaking down one of Biggie's more infamous lines...

It's funny b/c I was actually listening to this track ("Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)") the other day. The part where the Asian FedEx dude breaks down the Puffy dance is classic!

Between The Real and the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES, I don't need anymore Hip-Hop vloggers.

Bonus Video:
"Hip-Hop is the Single Most Destructive Force in Society"


"Where are our priorities?"

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The boy Enigmatik is killin' it right now. His post inre: the outrage over Michael Vick vs. the lack of outrage over cases like the Jena 6 or Genarlow Wilson is on point. Go check it out and get involved.

On That Leak: Kanye West "Stronger (A-Trak Remix)"

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More info on this @ Pitchfork. Download the MP3.

Elucid's Smash N Grab

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That damn Loosie Music crew done done it again. From the camp that brought forth Spec Boogie's On My Grind tape, as well as the phenomenal Champion Hoods tape, we are now given this: Elucid's Smash N Grab. Dude went all out, and murked a batch of beats. This, however, isn't some nonsense over "I Get Money" or some other beat, nah dude went leftfield with his. I'm talking Johnny Cash, Black Lips, the Chemical Brothers, M.I.A.... you get me? And when I say murk, I mean MURK! Check out these two tracks:

That "Cut You Down" might be my favorite. I like how they looped the sample, with part of Johnny singing in it... really grimey. My absolute favorite is what Elucid did with "Army of Me" by Bjork, but I forgot to upload that before making this post. That's OK, though, because that just means you need to grab the .ZIP and peep it (big up to Rappers I Know on the host)!

Mixtapes like this make you realize that today's Hip-Hop has definitely lost it's way... cats only look for certain sounds, certain styles to flip. Gone are the days of the non-Rap influences or beats being thrown into the mix. Forward thinking music from forward thinking peoples. Sleep and die...

Jamie Foxx Presents: America's Funniest Comics Volume 3 [review]

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When you title something as lofty as "American's Funniest Comics"... please deliver. I'm not saying I'm the funniest muthafucka in the land, or even in my house (my son owns that distinction), but some of the comics put me to sleep faster than Tylenol PM. Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza is a beautiful thing: give funny cats the shine that mainstream America doesn't. I love it, but the shit can be hit or miss - basically, you can SEE why some comics aren't hot. On this, the 3rd installment of Jamie Foxx Presents: America's Funniest Comics, we get some great highs, and some snooze-inducing lows.

The first thing that got me was how dated this DVD was. This got released recently, but Cedric The Entertainer's opening monologue referenced songs like "The Whisper Song" and whatnot, which, if you peep his act on a regular basis, he likes to stay current when talking music and such, esp. on today's music. Just struck me as odd. That rolled onto Donnell Rawlings, aka "I'm rich, bitch!" or Ashy Larry to the Chappelle Show fans, when he talked about Chappelle going to Africa. You just KNOW his current routine speaks nothing about Chappelle (although I did like the bit about him paying for everything - until Dave bounced). Dude is one of those guys who, when he is in character, he is funny as HELL! Ashy Larry? Dude on Mad Real World? The list goes on... but his comedy is just kind of bland. He relies too much on the screaming and whatnot to be as funny as he can be. Other peeps you might have heard of include Wild'n Out's Spanky Hayes, who was funny but not someone I would go pay to see. Maybe I'm just used to see him buggin' out, but his stand-up routine just seemed kind of like the ramblings of ya boy who had a bit too much herb at the party. Esau McGraw is a dude I saw on the latest season of Def Comedy Jam, and his eccentricities kill me. His whole style up on stage, from the random blazer thrown on top of the t-shirt to his mannerisms play like he is a dude who isn't too bright/kind of slow, but knows what the fuck is going on (almost like a modern-day Stepin Fetchit), but I hadn't realized I saw him before until he went through his bit about his girlfriend saying fucked up shit while he slept ("I hate you Esau! Die Death Bleed Eat Yo' Lips, Bitch!")... I saw the whole bit before, but it still killed. The last dude was the illest, though. Willie Barcena is a Mexican guy who just ran with some of the most hilarious shit, in this fucked up, chopping off the ends of his words type of speech. So raw... put it like this. My wife hates most new comedians (last dude I turned her onto was Katt Williams, who she loves); she was in the room while I watched this, and didn't laugh once. She put down her book and bugged out for his entire routine. Dude was just on point. Definite highlight of the show.

The other guys, straight up? Wack. David Arnold was ridiculous - he spoke about not working, but then had x amount of "office place" jokes. The white dude, Louie Katz? I couldn't tell you one of his jokes - just didn't hold my attention @ all. Tony Sculfield is a dude I see on Comic View all the time, and he just looks grimey, like he should be on the block with about 30 dimes bags in his pockets. Really predictable comedy, too... like I really though you STOPPED smoking weed, dog. Oh, and I think it's kind of bugged that Jamie Foxx's face is on this, but he's nowhere to be found. I don't wanna say it looks like they're trying to use his likeness to market it, but...

In any case, fans of Urban comedy should be into this. Loads of social commentary, from relationships to drug abuse to music. Some raw talent on here, some missteps, and hell - we even have Mexicans and Canadians on here! In all seriousness, though, the Laffapalooza concepts is a beautiful thing... maybe when volume 4 drops, it will have some better talent.

rock the dub gives Jamie Foxx Presents: America's Funniest Comics Volume 3 a 2.5 out of 5 stars. The funny bits are as hilarious as the unfunny bits are boring. The thing is, we got more of the latter than the former.

Hit the Links:
Order this NOW from Urban Film Club

rock the dub radio: episode 003

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EZ all RTD Radio fans - those who are new, welcome to the party.

I am actually happy with this show, the 3rd of my rock the dub radio broadcasts on WGHH Radio (Bi-weekly Thursdays, 10PM-12AM; I think I also have the Saturday 10PM-12AM slot, too!). All Hip-Hop, all the time. This episode was fun to make, for I wanted to throw in some classic material in there ("Top Billin'", "Rock Dis Funky Joint" [TRENTON STANDUP!], "Criminal Minded", etc.), some new spit ("The Moment Before Crazy", "Watch Yo Step", etc.) and some other shit you might not be up on, like "Super Lyrical" or Cru's "Pronto". This session plays like a mirror to what I was rockin' on my mp3 player back and forth to work a few weeks ago. I also wanted to get that Disco D-produced "Ski Mask Way" (aka the best thing on The Massacre) on there, just because.

You will also notice that this is the first episode to premiere the "rock the dub radio" intro on it, plus a number of sounds and what not I have been trying to cultivate to make the show feel different and fun. Even threw my customized "rewind" sound in there. That's just to make me feel good, but I think it came off well.

Let's cut the chatter, though... onto the show!

02/Nas "You Know My Style"
03/Audio Two "Top Billin'"
04/Chill Rob G "Ride The Rhythm"
05/Poor Righteous Teachers "Rock Dis Funky Joint"
06/Wise Intelligent "Mr. Rocket Launcher"
07/Sadat X "The Post"
08/Fat Joe "Flow Joe"
09/Bahamadia "Uknowhowwedu"
10/Canibus "Get Retarded"
11/Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded"
12/interlude: Chris Rock "Rap Standup"
13/KRS-One & Marley Marl "Kill A Rapper"
14/Mos Def "Crime & Medicine"
15/Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz ft. Vast Aire "The Moment Before Crazy"
16/Cannibal Ox "Handle That"
17/50 Cent "Ski Mask Way"
18/Big Punisher ft. Black Thought "Super Lyrical"
19/Rhymefest "Angry Black Man On An Elevator"
20/Ras Kass ft. Name Brand "Get It In"
21/Common ft. Scarface & Mos Def "The Corner (Remix)"
22/9th Wonder ft. Royce Da 5'9", Naledge & Vandalyzm "The Last Time"
23/Percee P ft. Guilty Simpson & Vinnie Paz "Watch Yo' Step"
24/Oh No "Action (Rap Version)"
25/Oh No "My Way"
26/Tonedeff ft. Extended Famm "Ugly Woman"
27/Prince Paul "Dimepieces"
28/Peter Bjorn & John ft. Spec Boogie "Amsterdam (Loosie Remix)"
29/Cru "Pronto"
30/El-P "The Overly Dramatic Truth (Drum & Vocal Mix)"
31/C-Rayz Walz "Original Copies"
You can download the show from podOmatic or stream/download via divshare.

Got comments? Speakonit. You should also make my feed a part of your life.

Episode 004 is a special treat, and a first in many shows like it to come. You've been warned.

Spread the word! rock the dub radio!

Kia Shine Due Season [review]

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I guess I can't be mad; on Due Season's intro, Memphis' "Kinfolk" Kia Shine asks if he should talk about his grind or his clothes... ultimately deciding to talk about both, which he does throughout the entire major label debut of his. I have no problem with either, shit, do what makes you paper (and in listening to the 2nd verse of "Pre Season", it sounds like dude had a serious bubble on the underground). It's just that, you'd think an artist would truly try and expand, maybe break up his topics or bring some different angles into the game. 2007, however, is all about "swag"...

You've heard his big single, "Krispy", all over, with it's "Paul Revere"-hat tip. The sounds on this track introduce the majority of the production on the album (handled by his Rap Hustlaz crew, save for 3 or 4 of the cuts): 808 drum sounds, trunk-rattlin' bass and little else. I guess when all you make is "Swag Music", you don't really need to diversify your sample banks. The next single, "W.O.W.", follows this one, and is pretty much a rehash of what he's said in tracks 1 and 2: Rap is my grind, and you have to respect my shine. I didn't know dudes got so infatuated with, well, themselves. Dipset's Jim Jones steps up to go back and forth with Kinfolk, letting you know that, yes, they "can't take a day off" if they "want the pay off" - BALLIN'! I'm sorry, but *yawn*. Elsewhere on the album, Kia does try to switch it up: he drops a track entitled "She's Serious", which features Wifey (his wife), but he still ends up talking about what jeans are on her ass, what shoes are on her feet, and how she ain't gonna deal with you if your bank account ain't right. Haven't we been down this road? "Holla At Ya Kin Folk" is a nice diversion, though, where he actually breaks down how down his lady is - she stood by him through the thick and thin, she even had to wear the same clothes and shoes (!) while he pursued his dream. Nice touch, but coming at the home stretch, it's a bit late.

This disc isn't all bad, though. For those who just want a CD to stunt to in their candy-colored whips, this disc doesn't miss. The production is a constant throughout the LP, with woofer-battering bass and hi-hat laced beats ready to give your system a real test. "Bluff City Classic" ganks a fabulous Teddy Pendergrass sample (which will sound familiar to 8Ball & MJG fans, who also guest on the cut) and turns it into pure pimpin', pimpin'. "Tech Game" is an exploration into how you can make serious gwap in Rap using MySpace, e-mail and the ringtone grind - dude is a business, man! "Touch" sounds like a recipe for date rape, but should be a strip club masterpiece. And, even though he almost begs you to hate it, you have to respect dude's grind. He is uncompromising, hustle-oriented, and his personality is very engaging. If only his subject matter was as interesting.

For those of you who just want music to stunt to, grab this album, early. In my opinion, it's one of those CDs you pop on to go to the club in, but won't get much burn come December. For all of his grind, Kia is too much swag, not enough substance for a consumer like myself. We don't need a tracklisting that has the following titles in succession: "Swag Music" followed by "Respect My Fresh", or "Stunna Frames" right in front of "Face Card", especially when your skills on the mic aren't as fresh or exclusive as the BAPEs on your feet. Maybe he just needs to hire a good ghostwriter, they can make his rhymes look as "krispy" as his Evisu jeans.


rock the dub gives Kia Shine's Due Season a 2.6 out of 5. For what it is, it's a decent effort. For what it lacks, it's a damn shame - you get the feeling dude is holding a lot back to stay fresh. Hopefully he will get a sophmore album to get deeper into his real life, outside of the facade.

Burn These: "Krispy", "Bluff City Classic", "Tech Game"

For more about Kia Shine, hit the links:
Kia Shine on MySpace
Due Season on Artist Direct
R U Krispy??

Wyclef ft. Akon & Lil' Wayne "Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all" (video)

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This is the online-only version; the full version will be forthcoming.

Track taken from Wyclef's Carnival II.

Friday, August 24th 2007 playlist

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01/Redman "Gilla House Check" [I slept on Red Gone Wild for too long... one of my LPs of 2007. Seriously!]
02/DJ Krush "Silent Ungah (Too Much Pain)" [classic Krush sound. Can't wait for his DVD set.]
03/Calyx & Teebee ft. MC Verse "Dual Processed" [easily one of the best DNB LPs of 2007, Anatomy did my head in. Check out my review on DOA. Verse murks this one on the mic!]
04/Keyshia Cole ft. T.I. & Young Dro "Let It Go (Remix)" [big fan of this track; that beat just puts me in a zone.]
05/The Alchemist "Mr. Pitiful 2008" [not the best spitter, but it's dope to hear ALC's story and how he and cats like him get shit on for no reason.]


got leak?

Check out the latest Ninja Tune podcast, which features The Cinematic Orchestra.

Shouts to Enigmatik, finalist for the 2007 Black Weblog Awards. He posted this new mixtape from Clinton Sparks and Talib Kweli: The Get Familiar Talib Kweli Street Album. Nice teaser to Ear Drum. VOTE BGDBOOM!

This week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features hot DNB mixes from Evol Intent, Outrage, the Lifted Podcast 006, KeM, Mayhem AND Redeyes. Don't be skurred!

In terms of this site, I've been doing a good amt. of reviews. Expect more to come next week: my review of Kia Shine's CD is coming, as well as more mixtape reviews including Conway, MiNZ and a special jammy from Elucid. More on that next week, though...

Final thought time: the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES hit the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival HARD! Rafi finally uploaded "the lost tapes", which features Chubb Rock, Sean Price, Dru-Ha of Duck Down, Poison Pen and many other hilarious moments. Dallas and Rafi of the kings of that Hip-Hop vlogging. Don't believe me? Peep their resume. And check out THE LOST TAPES:

Until next time, keep it funky. Enjoy your weekend.

AvE Stand & Deliver (hosted by DJ SNS) [review]

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"when I cook crack, yeah it's usually on the Pro Tools/that's why my name rings like jewelry from the old school" - AvE, "Stand & Deliver"

When I heard this from AvE's mixtape, Stand & Deliver, I had to take a second look at dude. At 22 years young, this Bronx, NY, native is primed and ready to make a mark, throw NY on his back and keep it bubblin'. He reminds me of Papoose, but I think AvE is a bit more versatile: he has his street gritty records, he has a few party joints, but he also has some wicked stories, too. Not your average mixtape from not your average NY MC.

In terms of underground/mixtape fodder, dude has the game in a chokehold. Tracks like the "Tom Sawyer"-sampling "No Reason" bring straight flames over a noticable sample - I was actually impressed, because most of the Rap tracks sampling Rock these days try to go more for the Hardcore/Metal angle, where this harkens back to the breakbeat days. "Where I'm From" has AvE revisiting Jay-Z's street anthem, but showing you what BX is about. He also takes "Coast to Coast" and shows you how he can flow off of beats from all over the US ("Bout It, Bout It", "The Corner", "Deep Cover" and "Flava In Ya Ear"). "Addiction" is a serious story-driven rhyme about an all-consuming love. He even has a number of other up-and-comers featured on his tape: Nucci Reyo steps up on "Talk 2 'Em", going back and forth with AvE, but my favorite feature is "The Future": a sick, piano driven beat that is just itching to be cut up by a knowledgeable DJ, features Esso (aka "Esso-bama" LOL) just spitting some crazy lines for the hood. One for the niggas on the block, indeed. He even brings back Mic Geronimo for a little lesson on the politics behind the music on "Industry 101"!

Not to say that this mixtape doesn't have its missteps. "That's Mean", as host DJ SNS says, is "the single", and it has a nice, electro swerve to it. I can respect what he's doing on that one, from the song building to the "party in the club" vibe. However, "Give It To Me" just comes across as a forced effort, from the "swag" talk to the lame R&B hook on it. And those strings? Oh no, that's an automatic fast forward for me. I also realized that my copy didn't have all the tracks on the tape I was seeing. Whattup with that? Not saying I'm a big Trey Lorenz fan or anything, but I'd like to have heard the whole thing! And as much as I love SNS, I think his hosting should have been sparsed a bit. It wasn't really necessary, especially considering all he did was shout out BX, Urban Music Entertainment, and ruin songs (at the end of "Addicted", he shouts about them being "addicted to making this money", which kind of kills the vibe of the story that was just spit to us).

In any case, this mixtape does what it needs to do: it gives you a complete picture of a MC who is hungry. You can hear it in his voice, and you can see the versatility and potential hearing his best tracks. I feel like this dude could hop on someone's remix and craft a sick 16, or drop some deep introspective shit for the real niggas on the block. I highly recommend you give AvE a listen. In the immortal words of DJ SNS (lol): BX STAND UP!

rock the dub gives Ave's Stand & Deliver mixtape a 3.7 out of 5 stars. Dude has what it takes to get his name on the lips of many tastemakers - as long as he stays true, and doesn't roll with the trends. One of the MCs to watch out for, that's my word.

If you want more info on AvE, hit up his MySpace page. You can also stream Stand & Deliver on This mixtape has also been featured on Yo! Raps, as well as on Mixtape Kings.

RIP Eddie Griffin

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RIP. Dude was drafted in 2002, then signed by the Nets in 2004... just couldn't get it together - part of the reaso he got shipped to Houston and ended up having a less than decent career in the NBA. Reporter in my local paper today remembered dude's Roman Catholic days, before he went to Seton Hall. Griffin was a beast! Then... the drugs started to take affect. Or whatever the deal was. Damn shame - wasted talent.

In any case, you will be missed. Much love to the Griffin family.

The White Rapper Show 2?!

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Looks like my favorite VH1 Rap Competition show is back for round 2; this time, it's all about the ladies!

Maybe Persia will remember her lines this go round?

HOW did Weezy become king?

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My boy Enigmatik and I google talk during the day, trading rap news, shooting the shit, singing "Chocolate Rain"... you know, good livin'. He hit me with this link to a vid on XXL on some "word on the street" shit, asking who the greatest rapper alive is? The unanimous answer is Lil' Wayne... which prompted this convo/rant**:

Sent at 1:35 PM on Thursday
khal: weezy do do his thing; not my fav but in the streets that nigga is the king
Enigmatik: my thing
khal: lil wayne for president is hilarious though
Enigmatik: how did he become the king?
khal: mixtape game. well really, he started rapping like jay-z. if you listen to a few of the cuts on carter 2, dude really sounds like jay-z. i cant remember the track names, but this nigga iw orked with was a big wayne fan. played me carter 2 and im like WOW he sounds like he is copying jay! i think he took that and ran with it. then, he just capitalized on the mixtape game, esp those joints with drama and that lead to him on everyone song. i mean niggas seeing wayne spit fire on r&b, hiphop, etc without an album out? i mean niggas in the hood hear wayne on the radio more than you see him on 106 & park. plus, niggas in the street cop mixtapes like 47s cop retail CDs. niggas dont know track 15 on ya album, but they know your freestyle over the jeezy beat word for word. you know how that goes... i bet your top 10 tracks right now aint on no one cd, whether its a freestyle or a promo or a rmx. sorry for the rant, but thats the nature of the game, how i see it.
Enigmatik: that's a good rant; it would make for a good post haha!
khal: i know right, but now i done typed it, and it wont come out the same lol. i'd be better just posting this convo, ala
oh word lol. matta fact... brb
Enigmatik: hahaha

And here we are, back where we started. What do YOU think? WHY is Weezy considered the greatest rapper alive?

**note: some of the rant has been cleaned up in terms of punctuation. my chat game isn't that clean!

Special Teamz Stereotypez tracklisting

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EDO G's new crew, Special Teamz, has an album coming out on Duck Down on the 25th of September. The tracklisting has just been released, and it is jam packed on the production and featured MC front:

1.) Get Down (produced by Young Cee)
2.) Three Kingz (produced by Young Cee)
3.) Stereotypez (produced by Ill Bill)
4.) Boston To Bucktown f/Sean Price & Buckshot (produced by Pete Rock)
5.) Classical (produced by DJ Shocca)
6.) Main Event (produced by DJ Premier)
7.) Long Time Comin f/Devin The Dude (produced by Xplicit)
8.) Home 2 f/Akrobatik, Dre Robinson, JY, Twice Thou & Frankie Robinson (produced by Young Cee)
9.) Clap Your Handz (produced by Young Cee)
10.) Story Of My Life f/JY (produced by Yomo)
11.) Fallen Angels f/D Guest (produced by Jake One)
12.) One Call (produced by Marco Polo)
13.) Fight Club (produced by Moss)
14.) Dirty Money f/Ill Bill (produced by Young Cee)
15.) Pushaman (Produced by D Boyz)
16.) Race Riot (produced by Good Will)
17.) Gun In My Hand f/Jamey Jasta
of Hatebreed (produced by Jamey Jasta & Matty Trump)
Some cream of the crop dudes on there! Nice to see guys like Ill Bill, Akrobatik, Sean Price and others get on this project, too.

Check out track 7, "Long Time Comin'", ft. Devin The Dude:


DJ Denox We Break The Hits (Special Edition) (hosted by Stat Quo)

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My boy Wordsmith passed me this mixtape, and it looks promising! DJ Denox features loads of unsigned talent who sound like they SHOULD BE SIGNED on this mixtape. Hosted by Stat Quo, this is the true underground. Grab the mixtape, the go hunt down these artists. Wordsmith is featured (his track is fly, too!), as well as E.B.B. & F.L.O.W., among other up and comers, and some familiar faces (Wordsworth, Sean Price). Check out the tracklist:

01. Opening
02. Stat Quo Intro
03. Red Eye ft JBiz, C. Monk & D-Light - The Heat
04. Affiliate - Left, Right
05. R.E.U.B. ft Laila & ROE - Studio 52
06. Wordsmith - The Example: Resignation
07. E.B.B. & F.L.O.W. - Breathe
08. Stat Quo Speaks
09. Thorowbredz - Gangsta Lean
10. Mag - Gotta Gun
11. The Lyricists ft Mike Melton - 360 degrees
12. City Scholar ft Mardell Maxell - Internationally Known
13. Jus Mula - Head Right
14. Verse - Go Girl
15. Jag - Check Out My Swag
16. Stat Quo Speaks
17. Sav Killz ft. Planet Asia - Champion Rap
18. Sha Stimuli - Hood
19. SoulStice ft Wordsworth - No Chance
20. J The S - Thirteen
21. Gawdbless - Show Respect
22. JD Era - Grind Season
23. Stat Quo Speaks
24. C.O.D. ft Sean Price - Let's Ride
25. Dramills - Next Story
26. Ray Mora - Heard It All Before
27. Donny Goines - Goodbye
28. Don Cerino ft DMinor - I Love Hip Hop
29. Stat Quo Interlude
30. J.GiB - Rollin' Through the Hood
31. Ahmir - Watch Me
32. Paper Chase - I'm Doing It
33. Stat Quo - Outro
Don't sleep.

DOA Q&A: Outrage

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My Q&A with Outrage is up on DOA. Respect to him.

He also dropped an exclusive mix with MC Justyce. Peep the tracklisting:

Creeper - Outrage - Backlash Records
Unknown - Amit
Dark Dream - Outrage and Dynamic
Running Scared - Outrage and Dynamic
Everything Changes - Nolige - Backlash Records
Route 808 - Outrage - Inneractive Music
Metaphysics - Dance Planet X (Outrage Rmx)
AWOL - Outrage
Cryonize Version - Outrage and Resound
Africa - Digital and Lutin - Phoenix Rising Album - Function
R.A.G.E. - Outrage - Rufige
Strangers Eyes - Outrage, Aperture and Kirsty Hawkshaw - Metalheadz
Broken Mind - Outrage
Amnesia - Outrage - Horizons Music
Seduction - Outrage (Paradox Rmx) - Horizons
Music Ice Cold - Outrage
Too bad. And no I'm not posting the link on any of my blogs until Friday... gotta draw you guys to the site! Again, OUTRAGE Q&A/MIX is up on DOA. Go grab it!

"Can't Tell Him Nothing": A Re-Enactment

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The brothers at The Real (i.e. the same site that let you peak at Lloyd Banks' Retirement Party) have a new sketch up, which breaks down, in their words, "the Hip Hop Holiday that is 50 and Kanye's release date". I think they did their thing, too:

I love the white girl in this. Very good choice for that role.

For more videos like this, make sure you check out The Real.

Wordsmith: Baltimore Music Conference 2007

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Ill MC, label CEO, friend of this very site and all around dope individual. Wordsmith will be performing at the BMC 2007 August 23rd through the 26th, along with over 100 DJs and bands! There will be workshops, seminars, dance performances, skateboarding demos, live graf, indie movie screenings.... the works! Words will be touching down with a showcase tomorrow night, from 10:40PM to 11:10PM @ Club One, so if you are in the area of B-More and are trying to see some dope Hip-Hop, make your way tot he BMC2k7.

For those who don't know, Words is dedicated his performance to Kwasi Jones, who recently passed away. It's a beautiful thing, and hopefully Kwasi's peoples come out and represent that night.

For more info on Wordsmith, check out his website. And for more info on BMC 2007, hit up their website. Respect to Words for this... keep it locked to rock the dub radio, I'll be periodically dropping new heat from him and the Nu Revolution camp. HOLLA!

DTP on the Remix

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Just got flown over two remixes of some popular-ass songs by two DTP affiliates:

50 Cent ft. Ludacris "I Get Money (Remix)"

J. Holiday ft. Chingy "Bed (Remix)"

Is there going to be a DTP Family Mixtape before the next compilation drops? I'd like to hear it...

KRS-One signed to Duck Down!

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via XXL:

Black Moon front man, Buckshot, has announced that Duck Down Records has signed the legendary KRS-One. “Yeah, we just signed KRS-One to Duck Down,” Buckshot told “He’s on my label now. We’re going hard, as far as production wise.”
I'm loving this! Well, I'm really just hoping that KRS and Da Beatminerz can do a collabo LP ala 9th Wonder & Buckshot... it can happen!

Michael Vick: dividing the community

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I tried to stay quiet about the Michael Vick case. I am not for dog fighting in any form. If the dogs are gonna fight, that's one thing, but to breed them into monsters, then murder them for not performing to YOUR standards is just disturbing.

Having said that, this nigga is going to plead guilty and is looking at anywhere from 12 to 18 months in the bing, a possible NFL suspension/expulsion, and a name that will be tarnished forever. And yet some niggas think that the decision is racist:

Fans at Playmakers Barber Shop in Midtown said they still support Vick, because they feel he is innocent, and that he is a victim of a racist judicial system.

"It's bad. I don't condone it at all, but the punishment is too severe, (they’re ruining) a man's career," said barber Dontrell Mapp.

Say what? If anyone ruined Michael Vick's career, Michael Vick did. When he drowned that dog, or funded the kennel (Bad Newz Kennelz, eh? Kind of ironic choice of a name now isn't it?)... whatever his involvement was, he knew there were consequences. And if he didn't, he's a fool. And anyone who thinks the punishment doesn't fit the crime, I suggest they have someone take a pet of theirs, do everything that most dog fighters do (from doping to electrocution) and then try and put a better deal together. How many dogs has Vick killed, either direct or indirect?

In any case, don't turn it into something it's not. He stood up and is going to take a fall (even though it seems like he's trying to get a good deal before the gambling aspect of his case came to light), praise him for admitting guilt. Don't turn this into a black/white thing.

BioShock lust

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Not too many games actually make me wish I bought a different system than the one I own (I've had my PS2 for a good 4 years now)... not even Halo 2. BioShock is just making me want to own an Xbox360 for no good reason.

It's my own fault, though. I read EGM, so I have a decent grasp on the latest games coming for all of the systems, even if I don't own them. I read about BioShock a month or two ago and was blown away at everything going on in this game: an intellectual shooter/RPG/gory horror suspense thriller, UNDERWATER!?!? With a quirky retro feel to the details and era of the story? I'm so in...

Or I would be, anyways. And before you say it, yes I know it's coming out on PC (the demo is available HERE), but my Dell is not equipped for more than word processing, blogging and archiving music. It could be, but I don't have the scrilla to get it where I need to get it. I got kids, nigga.

So what am I left with? A desire to partake in an epic battle that I have no possible way of ever playing. I'm going to be a 40 year old man playing this game for the first time, I think. Which isn't bothering me, I just haven't felt this way for a game in a while. It's not like I'd have time to play it - I got kids, nigga.

For you Xbox360 fans, though, the game hits the shelves TODAY. G4 has the ill walkthrough/preview HERE, but if you get G4 from your cable provider, you should wait for tomorrow's X-Play for a full rundown. IGN gave BioShock a 9.7 out of 10, and GameSpot gave it a 9.0. Sounds like a keeper to me. Anyone wanna get me a 360 for my birthday?

Dwizz Party Music EP (preview)

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Shouts to Dwizz, South Philly and Flamin' Hotz for this EP. Any release that gives you instructions on how to Wu-Tang is a keeper. Proper dancefloor madness. Peep the audio:

Side A
A1. "Salt Pepper Ketchup & Hot Sauce"
A2. "Toot That"
A3. "Feeling So Horny"
Side B
B1. "Let's Go Girl"
B2. "I'm Hot"
B3. "Goodtimes"

For more info on Dwizz, peep his MySpace page. If you want to cop this EP, grab it direct from Flamin' Hotz (or one of these retailers: Turntable Lab or Rubadub).

Kanye West on Tim Westwood

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I'm getting kind of excited for Graduation. Like eskay said, Curtis lost. Check out Kanye premiering "Big Brother" (deep cut) and "Champion":


Little Turntables

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DJ Mark the 45 King gettin' it going:

Skream "Sub Island" b/w "Pass The Red Stripe" [review]

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Skream is one dubstep prodigy who seems to create some heavy tunes out of thin air. Take “Sub Island” for instance: dude wastes no time getting right to the meat of the matter. After about half a minute of dubbed out sounds, he drops into a dub workout too slick to be missed. The sub work is serious: I’d suggest getting a tough pair of bins, or some really dope headphones to truly get where these low ends are going. Plus, there’s no mess or fuss about the rest of the tune: aside from the rumble, Skream just adds in some echoed sounds and a crisp drumbeat to the mix. Wait for the second drop; dude goes even DEEPER with that bass! “Pass The Red Stripe” brings a little more variation into the mix, getting into more of a melodic dubwise zone. This time a waist-winding bass is made beautiful with touches of horns, some high synth notes, and a softer, thumping beat. Almost transcending what you might consider “dubstep” to be, bringing a bit more of the soul and depth that classic Dub sounds provide. Score another one for the wonderkid!

For more information on Skream, check out his MySpace page. This single is available NOW on Soul Jazz Records.

Chester P "Oh No" b/w "Chessmonster" [review]


This is a slick 12” from the UK Hip-Hop scene, from the Task Force’s Chester P. I hate saying that, because Hip-Hop is one of the most universal genres under the sun, with dope shit coming from Hollis, Queens to Zimbabwe. The thing is, if an American MC dropped a single entitled “Oh No (He Loves A Ho)”, the post-Imus ethics invasion would have a field day! At least this track tries to provide some comedy and storytelling to the mix, and not just putting down the female for 3 minutes. On the first verse, Chester P tries to convince his boy that he should be careful around the chick he’s falling head over heels for, but it doesn’t matter – “she loves his dough”, and puts it on him to the point where dude falls head over heels. You gotta love the swing in this beat (produced by DJ Louis Slipperz), and the fact that Chester (and his brother, Farma G) can touch on so many topics with such a rapid fire flow. “Chessmonster” marries some solemn guitar strums with a stream of consciousness flow, almost sounding like a real MC mantra that Chester P blazes to make sure he is centered. Dude is really ill with the flow, and knows how to string a line or 50 together. If I tried placing all of the quottables in this review, I'd basically be typing out all of the lyrics! Watch out for his forthcoming LP, From The Ashes, which should be available in October, and get familiar with how LDN do!

For audio and more info on this release and forthcoming Chester P output, check out his MySpace page.

This is the first of (hopefully) many reviews for 12"/CD singles on rock the dub. Any artists or press agencies looking to get their materials covered on rock the dub, please get at me.

Friday, August 17th 2007 playlist

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01/Distance "Weigh Down" [very touching Dubstep cut. i slept on this when My Demons came out...]
02/Brooklyn "Someone" [Dispatch Vs Horizons 001. 'Nuff said.]
03/Skream "Sub Island" [Soul Jazz knows how to pick 'em. HEAVY subs on this one.]
04/Kanye West ft. Lil' Wayne "Barry Bonds" [really feelin' this one; check out Mista Jam's breakdown of the Graduation listening party.]
05/Tanya Morgan ft. Che Grand "And You Say" [all about that sample. More from TM coming on rock the dub radio soon!]




Starkey has been making some heat as of late, and I recently saw this mix up on low-bee. Holla at the remixes and filthy cuts of this LIVE set from Do It! vs 7 Year Glitch (21st July 2007):

01 - Warren G ft Nate Dogg "Regulate (Starkey remix)"
02 - M.I.A. "Boyz (Tactic remix)"
03 - Daft Punk "The Prime Time of Your Life (Para One remix - Konstruction Edit)"
04 - Clipse "Wamp Wamp (Starkey remix)"
05 - Bart B More "So It Goes"
06 - Ciara "Promise (MOVES!!! remix)"
07 - Lil Mama "No Music (Starkey refix)"
08 - Drop the Lime "Come to Life"
09 - Krames "T to the A"
10 - TNT "Gameshow Riddim"
11 - Drop the Lime "Gats"
12 - DJ Excel "My Baltimore Angel"
13 - Roxy "Breakbeat Science"
14 - Rustie "Diwali Boom"
15 - True Tiger "Bareface What"
16 - Starkey "Say Yes / Pulse X blend"
17 - Starkey "Kick It"
18 - Starkey "Bounce"
19 - Starkey ft Kano "Leak Riddim VIP"
20 - Starkey "Swollen Glands"
21 - Mundo "Big Up"
22 - Wiley "My Mistakes (Starkey remix)"
23 - Radioclit "On Everything ft David Banner & Twista"
24 - The Prodigy "Voodoo People (Wonder remix)"
25 - Lupe Fiasco "Kick Push (Starkey remix)"



RiotControl has a new podcast up. Episode 8 has Burt Fox going for broke, with a mix that features Aaliyah, Jay-Z, DJ Shadow, Burial, Diplo, David Axelrod and a host of other heads. Check the tracklisting:

Is It Because I'm Black? - Syl Johnson
Street Of Tears - Black Heat
One In a Million - Aaliyah
Into The Sun - Diplo
Japan - Plastician
5:55 - Charlotte Gainesbourg (Metronomy RMX)
What a Job - Devin The Dude f. Andre 3000
A Little While Longer - Tyrone Ashley (Extremely Layered People RMX)
Loren's Dance - Idris Muhammed
Midnight in a Perfect World - DJ Shadow
Human Abstract - David Axelrod
Dead Presidents II - Jay-Z
Original Heads - Black Moon and the Beatminers (Instrumental)
Myself When Young - Dorothy Ashby
Can't Play a Part Of Me - Alzo
Crackle Blues - Blackdown (Burial RMX)
I Only Have Eyes For You - The Flamingos (Outro)

Don't sleep! And make sure you subscribe to their podcast.


Did you guys miss the 2nd installment of my radio show, rock the dub radio (big up Chad and WGHH)? Fear not, you can grab it via my podcast. This episode featured various snippets from The Boondocks, a half hour dedicated to J. Dilla, and new spit from artists like SIN, Joulz Il, Tha S Ence and Jay Eff Kay. Check out the tracklisting:

01/intro: "The Boondocks" theme
02/interlude: MLK vs. The Visioneers
03/Phat Khat "Don't Nobody Care About Us"
04/Jaylib ft. Guilty Simpson "Strapped"
05/Copywrite "Waiting To Inhale"
06/Illa J "Me And My Brother"
07/J Dilla ft. Roc C & Oh No "Pandemonium"
08/J Dilla "Wild"
09/Frank-N-Dank "MCA"
10/A.G. ft. Aloe Blacc "Hip-Hop Quotable"
11/Busta Rhymes ft. Cassidy & Papoose "Psycho"
12/interlude: A Nigga Moment
13/Big Shug ft. Big Twinn & Sean Price "Legbreakers"
14/Sean Price "Like You"
15/Evidence, Joe Scudda & The Alchemist "It's Gon' Pop"
16/AZ ft. M.O.P. "Sit 'Em Back Slow"
17/Styles P ft. Kool G Rap "Come One, Come All"
18/O.C. ft. Freddie Foxxx "M.U.G."
19/R.A. The Rugged Man ft. Masta Killa & Killah Priest "Chains"
20/interlude: Granddad vs. Stinkmeiner 01
21/Method Man "Grid Iron Rap"
22/Pete Rock ft. Styles P & Sheek Louch "914"
23/9th Wonder & Buckshot "Side Talk"
24/Talib Kweli & Madlib "Over The Counter"
25/Ice Water ft. Raekwon & Busta Rhymes "Do It Big"
26/Joulz Il Duce "The Urge"
27/S.I.N. "Fast Forward"
28/interlude: Granddad vs. Stinkmeiner 02
29/Keith Murray ft. Lil Jamal "Whatmakeaniggathinkdat"
30/Viktor Vaughn "Raedawn (Remix)"
31/J-Zone ft. Huggy Bear, Kobayashi & Trip "Candy Razors"
32/Jay Eff Kay "Want Sex & Violence? (Suburbia's It)"
33/Joell Ortiz ft. Jadakiss & Saigon "Hip Hop (Remix)"
34/Special Ed "I Got It Made"
35/Fabolous ft. Nate Dogg "Can't Deny It (Tha S Ence Remix)"
36/outro: "The Boondocks" theme

Download HERE (divshare mirror). Enjoy!


Need some new DNB? This week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features new mixes from Paul Reset, DJ Haze, DJ Hobzee and Alix Perez. Flames.


DJ Prancehall has a dope Grime/Rap mixtape up; entitled Anger Is A Gift, he has a load of exclusives/specials tucked into this (full description HERE). Tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Virgo feat. B-Live & Flirta D - The Clack Riddim (Prancehall Special)
03. Tempa T - Tempz
04. Terror Danjah - Zumpti Huntah
05. Jammer - Toxic Freestyle
06. Yung Joc - Do Ya Bad
07. Brains - PDB
08. Scratchy, Skepta & Breeze - Vice Freestyle
09. Jitset feat. Jammer - Mary Jane Remix
10. Brains feat. Slinga, 2-Pac & Biggie - Thug Love
11. Matt Shadetek - Bump Bump
12. Lewi White feat. Busy Signal & Mavado - Vice Freestyle
13. Brains - Neva Eva
14. Big Kuntry feat. Yung Joc & T.I. - Yeah (Remix)
15. Mavado - Wah Dem A Do (Dexplicit Remix)
16. Rossi B & Luca feat. Scorcher - Not No Talker
17. Tinchy Stryder feat. Fuda Guy - Sick Ina Head
18. Matt Shadetek feat. Skepta - Reign
19. Jammer feat. Delishus - Vice Freestyle
20. DVA feat. Badness - Prancehall Dub
21. Ruff Sqwad - Untitled
22. Jammer feat. Ce'Cile - Prancehall Dub
23. Syer B - Badboy (Prancehall Special)
24. Slix - Down and Out
25. Statik feat. Faction G - Lily Allen Remix
26. Ce'Cile - Tell Me What You Love (Cheerful Riddim)
27. Ears feat. Flamin - Fergalicious Freestyle
28. Brains feat. Knuckles - Damn (Remix)
29. Riko - Prancehall Dub
30. Statik feat. Tempa T, Kraze & Esco - Bad Guys
31. Statik feat. Cham - Prancehall Story
32. Outro
Fish Go Deep - The Cure & The Cause (Jitset's 'The Chop & The Screw' Remix)

Get on it!


Should we really be surprised that Papoose doesn't know who El-P is? Shouts to Know Good for putting up the audio of that Whoo Kid interview with Pap:

Part 1

Part 2

I don't really get Know Good's confusion though. Why, yes, both Pap and P come from "the underground", their underground is different. If Pap had been in the game back in the mid 90s, they'd both be roaming the same circles... time's have changed. El-P and Def Jux (and other artists of that ilk) have formed a niche outside of that circle, while Pap is more of the street underground, which is different than the overall undergorund. Think about it: would you class Akrobatik and Papoose as the same kind of dude? Both aren't mainstream... think about it.


OK, final thought time. Gotta give it up to the Bachelors of Science, who turned a Bill Withers line into a sick DNB cut, which will be coming on their Science Fiction album. This is the video for "Anytime She Goes Away". DNB needs more videos like this, and period:

Until next time, enjoy your weekend!

mad love for rock the dub

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Kind of wild this week... my blog got love from The Rap Up, Oh Word AND Nah Right! That's not normal...

Maybe some shine is finally coming my way? Or maybe I'm just hitting a lucky streak... in any case, maybe I should play the numbers this week... I mean, three of what I consider to be of the best Hip-Hop blogs on the 'Net shout me out in the same week? Maybe I am doing something right...

In any case, shouts out to Rafi, Rizoh and Eskay for the shine. Truly appreciated.

Happy 25th, CD

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The compact disc turns 25 today. Why don't you celebrate by buying one? Try Sean Price's Master P, or the new Wise Intelligent.

Or, just buy a bunch of MP3s and burn them onto a blank disc. Yeah. Do that instead.

MTV's Celebrity Rap Superstar

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So MTV has a new reality show entitled Celebrity Rap Superstar... hmm. Apparently, celebs will be able to pair up with the "superstar MC mentor" of their choice (which include Paul Wall, Warren G and fucking Tone Loc... what, no Coolio!??!) and get taught to rap. Here's the kicker: I guess after they write their raps, they are going to battle each other... LIVE!


Rolling Stone likened it to a Hip-Hop Dancing With The Stars, but I just call it something that should be on VH1. We'll see how this turns out.

Oh, Perez Hilton is going to be on it. Fun. August 30th, 10PM. I might DVR the first episode... Peep the promo:


R. Kelly on writing Trapped In The Closet

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Still, he did offer some tantalizing hints as to the hidden workings of his creative process. "If I don't rhyme, I can't tell the story. So it's crazy, if you understand what I'm saying. Like 'Bridget' and 'midget'? I came up with that at Panera Bread — real talk. And I had spent a whole week on trying to figure out how the hell — I mean, I got 'midget,' but how can I continue telling the story? But once I came up with, he had a girl named Bridget, I was able to continue on with my story. And that's how 'Trapped in the Closet' goes."
Wow... read more about the amazing writing talents of pedophile Robert Kelly over @ Popwatch.

RIP Max Roach

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Totally unexpected. One of the true dons of drumming, period. [CNN]

You say you don't know who Max Roach is? Get your weight up...

Who Says Hip Hop Is Dead? (video)

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Shouts to the QN5 crew for posting this, the intro to their 2007 QN5 Megashow:

You can even download it HERE. Want more QN5? Hit up their YouTube page.

History of DJ Krush 3-DVD Set to be released!

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Just got word that DJ Krush, one of the illest producers I've ever heard, is dropping a whopping 3-DVD box set (History Of DJ Krush / Suimou Tsunenimasu), which will feature all of his music videos to date, as well as TWO documentaries! This will be hitting stores on September 18th.

Some of the highlights:
  • A DJ set performed on a specially-constructed rooftop stage in Tokyo (from Nov. 2006, filmed exclusively for this set)
  • A documentary that follows DJ Krush during the release party for his first album, his 1996 summer tour in Europe and the recording of MiLight (one of my fav. Krush LPs of all time)
  • Another documentary that traces Krush's path, from Meiso through his 2006 world tour. It features Krush's first long interview. Looks like this one features everyone from DJ Shadow to CL Smooth, Black Thought to Zap Mama, Mr. Lif to Sly & Robbie.
  • Much, much more!

DJ Krush will also be going on an American tour during the month of October. Catch him at any one of these shows:

Thu Oct 4 - New York - Highline Ballroom
Fri Oct 5 - Montreal - Le National
Sat Oct 6 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
Mon Oct 8 - Toronto - Mod Club
Tue Oct 9 - Cleveland Heights - the Grog Shop
Thu Oct 11 - Minneapolis - Foundation
Fri Oct 12 - Chicago - Smart Bar
Sat Oct 13 - Atlanta - The Loft
Tue Oct 16 - Orlando - The Social
Wed Oct 17 - St. Petersburg - The Bishop
Fri Oct 19 - Dallas - Minc Lounge
Sat Oct 20 - Denver - Bluebird Theatre
Mon Oct 22 - Portland - Holocene
Wed Oct 24 - Vancouver - Commodore Ballroom
Thu Oct 25 - Seattle - Neumos
Fri Oct 26 - San Francisco - Mighty
Sun Oct 28 - Pomona - Glass House
Tue Oct 30 - San Diego - House of Blues
Wed Oct 31 - Hollywood - Knitting Factory
You psyhed yet? You should be! For more info on DJ Krush, check out his official website.

Rush Hour 3 [review]

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Anyone else have a movie-hungry teenage daughter in their house? I do, and every time the flavor of the month movie comes out (Spider-Man 3, Fantastic Four 2, etc.), I am bombarded with exclamations of “we HAVE to go see this!”, “I soooo wish I could see that!” or “Pops, I will kill you if you don’t take me to the AMC to check this over-hyped, underwritten monstrosity of cinematic affairs”… but I digress. While I wish we could attend the cinema more often, shit just don’t happen like that.

Then Rush Hour 3 came...

This is one movie series my family has bonded on. Countless dinners have been spent with us, in front of the TV, cracking up at James Carter doing his best MJ impersonation in Rush Hour 2. Or seeing Inspector Lee do his thing against many a Chinese gangster. The chemistry was there, the stories were actually interesting, by action-flick standards, and it was just a perfect blend of comedy, fast-paced action and an overall well-done pair of flicks.

Then Rush Hour 3 came…

Now, I was actually souped to see this flick. I hadn’t been out to see a movie since, God, I guess it was Night At The Museum, which I enjoyed. I was due for more grown-up fodder, no? OK so the nachos are being eaten, the subwoofer was way too loud, and I am ready for… James Carter, the singing traffic cop!?! Wait – how did he go from a detective who was investigating a C4 ring that ended up stumbling on an international cash and hostage situation, to fucking up so bad that he was directing traffic with his prick? And did Chris Tucker not feel it was right to drop a few pounds for this role? Jackie Chan never ages, however… he scales walls, dodges cars (in traffic!), and has a mean fist game. Sadly, this was the way the entire movie went… Jackie Chan was always on point, Chris Tucker was always a bit “too”: “too” funny, “too” overdramatic, and “too” loud. And the chemistry? “Too” missing…

Not to say the movie was devoid of funny moments: the scene where they interrogated the gangster with the nun was hilarious, although it dragged on too long. Carter’s “Yu/Mi” bit was hilarious. The scene at the cabaret where Lee and Carter sing a song I instantly forgot leaving the theater was classic, too. And the action – good God! There were some scenes in there that were just shot very well (like the motorcyclist gangster who drove in the air into a van, then crashed through the windshield, or the fight on the Eiffel Tower), and made up (somewhat) for the karaoke Carter (we know he sings, but there were about three scenes too many of him breaking out into song). And since when did Carter go from being bull-headed and cocksure to so alone that he has to learn Chinese to keep up with his best-friend? Lee made something for himself, while Carter seems to have been too caught up in their friendship.

Now, I don’t want to say that the story in RH3 was lacking, but any potential it had seemed to be clouded over by the bells & whistles of the shells of the Carter/Lee characters. Too many side-tracked laughs; for instance, why did we need to see them fight a large Chinese fighter? It served no further purpose towards the story or plot development. I guess, once everyone was a go for RH3, they figured they could build a story around recycled jokes and things that didn’t escalate the other movies (how many “I can’t understand your Chinese” jokes are needed?)… it felt like, when all else fails, let’s fall back on corny jokes.

Aside from all of that, I actually had a decent time. The action held my interest, and the bits that were funny were very funny. Then came the ending… or lack there of. It felt like, either the producers wanted to make the movie last a certain amount of time, or they forgot to fully complete each characters trek. One character asked if we wanted to know a secret, but got got. The one female who was the focal point for the 2nd half of the movie just gets whisked away. We get one character from RH1 who makes a return, but is sent down an elevator to call the cops, and is never seen/heard of again. And Carter and Lee dance down the road, seemingly taking it straight to the bank. The wool wasn’t pulled over our eyes, though: I smell a Rush Hour 4. If there isn’t another one, this will have to go down in history was one of the worst end pieces to a trilogy in a long time.

rock the dub gives Rush Hour 3 2.8 stars out of 5. The action was all that, some of the jokes were on point, but the rest of the movie flopped like a dead fish.

I am running a Rush Hour 3 giveaway, though! Win some t-shirts, hats, and tatoos! Check it out.

September 7th & Crooked I Hip-Hop Weekly mixtape

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Download HERE. Shouts to DubCNN. If you want to find the single freestyles, hit this link. Dude wrote all of these with no pen, no pad. Pretty hot, too!


01) N.W.A. (New West Anthem)
02) Straight 2 The Bank
03) I'm Throwed
04) Vibe Wit A Bo$$
05) Take You There
06) 2nd Coming
07) Tuck Ya Ice
08) Umbrella
09) We Takin' Over
10) Get It Shawty
11) Amusement Park
12) Crusin'
13) Just The King
14) You Make Me Better
15) Deep Cover
16) You Know My Steez
17) Boy Looka Here (Horseshoe Gang)
18) Go Getta Remix
19) Big Shit Poppin'
20) International Players
21) Pop Lock & Drop It
22) Can't Tell Me Nothing
23) My Bitch
24) Oh My God
25) Uh Oh
26) Died In Your Arms
27) Real Muthaphukkin' G'z
Don't sleep!

Video Ho's volume 3

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I'm sorry, but this new Keyshia Cole joint is my shit. Peep "Let It Go", ft. Missy and Lil' Kim (for no good reason):


Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & D.O.E. "The Way I Are":

What the fuck does this video have to do with the song, which is about a broke nigga who's girl is still feelin' him? What broke nigga hangs out with dimepieces in a sewer with a suit on, next to kids kickin' soccer balls in suits? And WTF is D.O.E. all about?

T.I. ft. Wyclef "You Know What It Is"

Why do we need the obvious Belly references? Why not rollerskate through Haiti?

50 Cent "I Get Money"

This video made me hate this song... the nonsense witht he bright letters in the letterbox ("I'm stanky rich"?), just the whole project is a wash.

*Sigh* can't win 'em all, huh?