Friday, August 03, 2007

The Boondocks, Season 2 Trailer

Shouts to NahRight for posting this:

THUGNIFICENT F GRANDAD!?!?! Riley in the NBA? More "A Pimp Named Slickback"? "There's Powerful Niggerdry here"? Theme songs being remixed!?!?!

Plus, the animation looks dope. I'm just all around impressed. So worth the wait.

Now I need to go cop a new Boondocks t-shirt.

Friday, August 3rd 2007 playlist

01/Sharkey & C-Rayz Walz ft. Vast Aire "The Moment Before Crazy" [Beat? Bananas. Rhymes? Stupendous. Track of the year contender...]
02/Jody Breeze Vs. bowzer "Rookie Of The Year (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Mix)" [too crunchy. that bassline is the truth.]
03/Hive & The Upbeats "Nothing Scared" [dutty DNB Beats.]
04/Sadat X "The Post" [see MCs, it's very easy to make up Hip-Hop tracks... just pick up the Post and rap about it.]
05/Paradigm X "Ode To James Brown" [fun, 'ardcore-flavored JB refix - everything is JB except the sub!]


LEAK time...

Fall Out Boy ft. Kanye West, Travis from Gym Class Heroes, Tyga, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Wall, Skin Head Rob & Lil' Wayne "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race (Remix)"
N.O.R.E. ft. Swizz Beatz & J.Russ "Set It Off" (prod. by Swizz Beatz)
A few Keith Murray tracks from his Rap-Murr-Phobia (The Fear Of Real Hip-Hop) LP: "Da Fery" and "Don't F Wit Me" (ft. Kell Vicious)
Chamillionaire "Evening News"
Plies ft. Akon "Hypnotized"
Cassidy "Amusement Park Freestyle"
Dr. Octagon "Trees (Spankrock Remix)"
Two tracks from the Coughee Brothaz, ft. Devin the Dude (whattup noz?!): "On The Road" and "Don't Get Me Wrong"
Copywrite ft. King Dom "Backstage Pass" (prod. by Jake One)
Median "How Big Is Your World" (prod. by 9th Wonder)
Cassie "Is It You?"
Petter "Hip Hop Musik"
UGK ft. Talib Kweli & Raheem Devaughn "Real Women"
Lil' Wayne "Outstanding" (prod. by Dr. Dre... or not?)
Crooked I "Hip-Hop Weekly #18 (Uh-Oh freestyle)" (check out the interview with Crooked I at XXL)
Huey "Pop, Lock & Drop It (Dev79 StreetBass Refix)"
Shawty Lo "They Know AKA L.O."
2Pac "I Get Money Freestyle"
Nitti ft. Scrilla Midnight "Papah Boy"
Omillio Sparks "DJ Turn It Up"
Common got interviewed recently by the one like DJ Semtex.


Mixtape game is kind of slick right now:

01/The boy Median has a mixtape out, Relief In The Making, which is mixed by DJ Low Key and hosted by 9th Wonder. More info HERE.
02/Trae also has a mixtape available. Hit this link to enter your email and get a dload link.
03/Benja Styles, DJ Drama and JDS have a new mixtape out, Welcome To The City of Realadelphia. Peep the tracklisting:



04/Caps and Jones made a mix for In-DEED on XM Radio. Proper summertime fun. Check the tracklisting:

Electric Light Orchestra: Livin Thing
Steve Miller Band: Serenade
Rosanne Cash: Seven Year Ache
The Strokes: You Only Live Once
The Police: When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What's Still Around
Fleetwood Mac: Little Lies
Phil Collins: Easy Lover
Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin' For You
The Kinks: Motherless Child Of Motherhood
Split Enz: Six Months In A Leaky Boat
The Beach Boys: Surf's Up

Not what you'd expect, but damnit give it a twirl or 3.

05/claw stopped making Dubstep for a bit, and decided to drop a Dirty South/Dubstep mix entitled Souf, which is sadly devoid of THUGSTEP (we're working on that though). The jammy is on fire though, peep the tracklist:

1. Lil Flip - skit #2 'purple drank'
2. Dj Screw - Sailin da south
3. Babylon System - Fully loaded
4. Claw - Texas trunk
5. Bone Thugs N Harmony feat. Tupac - Thug love
6. High Rankin - Glory to the grave
7. Ekaj - Untitled
8. Dj Dmd - 25 lighters
9. Babylon System - Dancin shoes
10. Uncle Sam - Around the world girls (Tes la rock remix)
11. Paul Wall - Sittin sideways (XI dubstep remix)
12. Lil Flip - I can do dat
13. High Rankin - Control room
14. Wascal - Daily grind VIP
15. Press & Lukki - Contamination dub
16. Kush republiq - Lennys dub remix
17. Lil Flip - Da freestyle king
18. ABZ - Venture
19. Kush republiq - Anxious in St Pancras
20. Dj Screw - Cloverland
21. Claw - Antisocial
22. Monsta - Faceoff



Need some DNB in your life? The DPD has it on lock: this week's "For Your Listening Pleasure" features hot hot heat from the likes of the Future Engineers, Kano, ESB and Submorphics. Get prepared...


Jill Scott's label has offered up a downloadable sampler of her forthcoming album, The Real Thing (September 25th), for FREE. You just have to be a member of her "Family Reunion" fan club, which is also FREE. 17 mins of exclusive new Jill Scott? Count me in! (Get all details HERE)

Some interesting music news this week...

01/Who knew that Michael Caine was not only into "Chill-Out" music, but that he was compiling a CD of it?!
02/Why would ANYONE turn down ?uestlove's request to DJ a gig - FOR FREE!?!?
03/Days of the Leak, an article on pre-release music culture in Spin.
04/Enigmatik has been going in, throwing up Wu-Tang related posts all week. Even linked this slick Raekwon interview with HipHopDX - No OB4CL2 this year?!
05/Yellow Nigga says no Detox from Dr. Dre until at least 2008... I agree with his "release it now or we'll forget about it" stance.
06/XXL also interviewed Skillz. He needs to get a serious break.

I can't even begin to express how wrong this Disco D article in The Village Voice is, for I was not that close nor do I have close ties to D, but it's absurd to think that THAT is how they'd like to go about it.

In rememberance and tribute, here's D's Hustle Harder trailer:

LOST Podcast: Damon & Carlton at Comic Con 2007!

I haven't heard this one yet, but my trusty FeedBlitz burn sent me the e-mail today!:

The Official LOST Podcast (August 2nd 2007) (MP3 download)

Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse preview season 4 and take
fan questions at Comic Con 2007! Go to to see more.

Let me know what's up!

rock the dub radio podcast

Just wanted to let you guys know that my contribution to WGHH Radio, rock the dub radio, now has a podcast via podOmatic. Here are the specs:

podcast URL:
podcast RSS feed:

Each show will be available there for both streaming AND downloading. episode 01 is up there now (divshare mirror). I will be including full tracklistings and offering the MP3 of each show there. I will also be backing up my shows to divshare, to help the bandwidth (podOmatic only offers so much for free per month).

Let me know what you think...

Random Aaron McGruder sighting!

As seen on YBF:

Maybe The Boondocks' production is wrapped up? I hope so... look at him, posing with Meagan Good, who had the tight booty dress on that night...

We need some info, Aaron!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

DJ Food The History of the Cut-Up

I have been waiting for this dynamic mix to be re-uploaded. Read the following write-up, then download EARLY! I will be doing the same, then making mirrors (whattup sharebee!?):

'Everything Has To End...'

"On January 18th 2004, Strictly Kev premiered the original 'Raiding The 20th Century' on XFM's 'The Remix' show in London. It was a 40 minute attempt to catalogue the history of cut up music - be it avant garde tape manipulation, turntable megamixes or bastard pop mash ups. It rapidly spread throughout the web and managed to cause a full scale server crash on when they hosted it due to the volume of net traffic.

Shortly afterwards he read Paul Morley's recently published book 'Words & Music' and was amazed that certain chapters mirrored parts of his mix. Apart from the fact that the title, 'Raiding the 20th Century' was coined by Morley 20 years before for a future Art of Noise project, he also featured Alvin Lucier, who - purely by chance - was sampled on the opening track of the mix.

Kev decided to expand his idea to make the defnitive document on cut up music including many other parts, omitted by the constraints of the original radio session. After months of further research he tracked Morley down and they recorded passages from 'Words & Music' specially for this mix in an attempt tomarry the two and finish something that neither of them actually started. A year to the day of the original airing, the newly expanded version is ready."
I slept on this when it first came about, but I was super intrigued. Then, the dload link(s) died! Well, not anymore:

DJ Food "Raiding the 20th Century - Words & Music Expansion" (starring Paul Morley and a cast of thousands) [70MB] (megaupload mirror) (more mirrors to come!)

Here's the tracklisting:

Pt 1 - Time Machine

20th Century Fox theme intro
Negativland - Downloading (Seeland)
MCSleazy / Franzie Boys - Triple Take (Half Inch Recordings 12")
DJ BC - Surebladi (mp3)
Danger Mouse - Encore (CD)
Wayne Butane - Elderly (Sucks Bigtime)
Big City Orchestra - Bulldog (The Beatlerape)
Jay-Z - Encore (accapella) (Roc A Fella)
The Beatles - Glass Onion (2 versions) (Apple LP)
Avril Plays The Beatles (mp3)
Loo and Placido - Safari Love (mp3)
Jrb - Busta vs Steptoe & Son (mp3)
Loo & Placido - Kids Will Rock You (mp3)
Braces Tower - Special Child (mp3)
Exactshit - Crazy (CDR)
Cropstar - Crazy Prado (mp3)
Tacteel vs Britney - Overprotected (CD-R)
Will Smith vs Mr Trick - Nod Ya Head (Boot Camp 7")
Osymyso - Intro inspection (Radar 12")
fLeXuS - It Ain't Nothin' (CD-R)
unknown - Spandau Fillet (mp3)
Go Home Productions - Turn Out The Light Slave And Give Me Some Rhythm (mp3)
Go Home Productions - Work It Out With A Foxy Lady (mp3)
Beyonce - Crazy In Love (poj mix) (mp3)
Skkatter - Diddy (mp3)
Wobbly - Yo Yo Yo Yoyo, Hey... (Wild Why)
Frenchbloke & Son - Sound of da S Club (CD-R)
Lemon Jelly - Soft Rock (LJ 7")
dsico - Bille Jean Dancehall Edit (mp3)
People Like Us - Nobody Does (ubuweb mp3)
2 Many Djs - Smells Like Booty (mp3)
fLeXuS - White Love (CD - R)
Evil Twin - The Lady & The Lake (CD-R)
Justin Timberlake - Like I Love U (Ochre remix) (mp3)
Osymyso - Intro Expansion Pt 2 (mp3)
Go Home Productions. - Ray Of Gob (Half Inch Recordings 12")
Madonna - WTF? (mp3)
Player - Angel of Theft (Blood 12")
Osymyso - Wegoddim (mp3)
Flashbulb - Mama Said Knock You Out (mp3)

Pt 2 - The
Time Before Time

Alvin Lucier - I Am Sitting In A Room (Lovely Music Ltd CD)
Pierre Schaeffer - Etude aux Chemins De Fer (EMF Media CD)
Pierre Henry - Souffle 1 (Phillips / 21st Century Prospective Siecle LP)
PM - 1954 - Varese - Deserts (Columbia LP)
John Cage - Imaginary Landscape No.1 (Hungeroton CD)
William Burroughs - Origin and Theory of the Tape Cut-Ups (Sub Rosa CD)
Coldcut (Let Us Play LP outro) (Ninja Tune LP)
James Tenney - Collage no.1 (Blue Suede) (New World Records CD)
Marshall McLuhan - The Medium Is The Massage (Columbia LP)
Steve Reich - It's Gonna Rain (Odyssey/Music of Our Time LP)
The Monkees - Head Opening Ceremony (Rhino LP)
Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy (Verve LP)
John Rydgren - Christmas Montage (Silhouette Segments LP)
Holger Czukay & Rolf Dammers - Boat - Woman - Song (Spoon LP)
Radiophonic Workshop - Major Bloodnock's Stomach (BBC Records LP)
The Beatles - Revolution No.9 (Capitol LP)
Radiophonic Workshop - Talk Out (BBC Records LP)
Kenny Everett Musical Works - (acetate / mp3)

Pt 3 - Say Kids, What Time Is it?

Grandwizard Theodore & Kevie Kev Rockwell - Military Cut - Scratch Mix (Animal Records LP)
Grandwizard Theodore Speaks (Hip Hop Slam CD)
Grandmaster Flash in Fab 5 Freddy's kitchen from Wildstyle (DVD rip)
Monica Lynch interviews Grandmaster Flash for WFMU (mp3)
(Orig.) Big Apple Productions Vol. 2 - Genius At Work (J & T Records 12")
The Art of Noise - Close (To The Edit) (ZTT 12")
Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five - Adventures On The Wheels of Steel (Sugarhill 12")
Cold Crush Brothers vs The Fantastic 5MCs (Music of Life LP)
Malcolm McLaren - Buffalo Gals - (Charisma 12")
Double D & Steinski - Lesson 2 (The James Brown Mix) (Disconet 12")
Double D & Steinski - The Payoff Mix (aka Lesson 1) (Disconet 12")
Big Apple Productions - Genius At Work Vol. 2 (J & T Records 12")
Mr. K (aka Danny Krivit) - Rock The House (T.D. Records Inc. 12")
Double D & Steinski - Lesson 3 (The History of Hip Hop) (Tommy Boy 12")
Buchannan & Goodman - Flying Saucer Pt.1 (Cash Records LP)
Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis (Mister-Ron/Rhythm King 12")
Steinski & Mass Media - The Motorcade Sped On (NME 7")
Steinski radio interview with Jon Nelson from Some Assembly Required (mp3)
Coldcut - Say Kids, What Time Is It? (White Label 12")
Coldcut - Beats & Pieces (Ahead Of Our Time 12")
Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full (Coldcut Seven Minutes of Madness mix) (4th & Broadway 12")
M/A/R/R/S - Pump Up The Volume (4AD 12")
Eric B & Rakim - Micheal Jackson Got Soul (mp3)
Think Tank - Hack One (The Internet Worm mix) (Hakattack Records 12")
Big Apple Productions - Genius At Work Vol. 2 (J & T Records 12")
3D - Tommy Boy megamix (Tommy Boy LP)
Axel F - The Latin Rascals (Streetheat 12")
Arthur Baker - Breaker's Revenge (Atlantic 12")
Kurtis Blow - America (Dub Mix) (Mercury LP)
Cindy Mizelle - This Could Be The Night (Atlantic LP)
Rochelle - My Magic Man (Machine Gun Dub) (Warner Bros 12")
Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese - King Kut (Bonus Beats) (Beauty & The Beat 12")
T La Rock - This Beat Kicks (Fresh Records LP)
Tricky Tee - Leave It To The Drums (Dub) (Sleeping Bag 12")
Mantronix - Bassline (Stretched) (10 Records 12")
Mantronix - Mega-Mix (from The Album) (10 Records LP)
Mantronix - Scream (Primal Scream Dub) (10 Records 12")
Mantronix - Mega-Mix (from Music Madness) (10 Records LP)
T La Rock - Bass Machine (Club Version) (10 Records 12")
T La Rock - Breakin Bells (Omar Santana Edit) (10 Records 12")
Skyywalker's Bass Waves Mega Mixes - Mega Mix 1 (Luke Skyywalker 12")
Matt Black & the Coldcut Crew - The Music Maker (Ahead of Our Time 12")
James Brown - The Payback mix (Coldcut meets the Godfather) (Urban 12")
Mantronix - King of the Beats (Sleeping Bag 12")
Pete Smith & DJ Cesare - Beat Bytes (white label 12")
Dr Funnkenstein & DJ Cash Money - Scratchin' to the Funk Pt.1 (Sound Makers Records 12")
Grandmixer D.ST - American Mega-Mix (CBS 12")
James Brown - Payback (The Final Mixdown)
(Norman Cook & DJ Streets Ahead) (Urban 12")
Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper (Jive LP)
DJ Shadow - Lesson 4 (Hollywood Basic 12" Promo)
Hiroshi & Kudo feat. DJ Milo - Return of The Original Artform (Major Force 12")
Derek & Clive - Records (DK re-edit) (Virgin LP/mp3)
De La Soul - Cool Breeze on the Rocks (Tommy Boy LP)
Zeb Rockski & Steiber Twins - The Revenge (B Boys Revenge '97) (Mzee 12")
Bronx Dogs - Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Death Mix) (Kontranand 12")
DJ Format - English Lesson (Bomb Hip Hop Records 12")
Dynamix 2 - Just Give the DJ A Break (Dynamix 12")
Beat Junkies - Scratch Monopoly Pt II (Bomb Hip Hop Records LP)
Mr Dibbs - B Boys Revenge (Turntable Scientifics cassette)
DJ Craze - 1st ITF chamionship set (cassette)
Invisibl Skratch Piklz - Vs Da Klamz Uv Deth (Asphodel 12")
The Herbaliser - Wall Crawling Flying Insect Breaks (Ninja Tune 12")
Cut Chemist - Lesson 6 (The Lecture) (Pickininny 12" EP)

Pt 4 - Pressed For Time

Cassetteboy - Fly Me To New York (Barrys Bootlegs CD)
Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers - Swing The Mood (Music Factory12")
Stars On 45 - Stars On 45 (? 12")
The Jams - All You Need Is Love (KLF Communications 12")
Age Of Chance - Kisspower (unreleased mix) (FON 12")
Negativeland - The Perfect Cut (Good As Gold) (SST LP)
Christian Marclay - Pandora's Box (Organik/RecRec LP)
Jon Oswald - Way (Plunderphonics CD)
Evolution Control Committee - Rebel Without A Pause (The Whipped Cream mix) (Pickled Egg 7")
Jon Oswald - Brown (plunderphonics CD)
Tape Beatles - Concern About (Staalplaat CD)
Jon Oswald - dab (Plunderphonics CD)
Tape Beatles - Short History of the Tape Beatles (Staalplaat CD)
The KLF - Rock Radio Into The Nineties and Beyond (KLF Communications LP)
People Like Us - Sound Escape (Solielmoon Recordings 12")
Negativeland - The Letter U & The Numeral 2 (acapella mix) (Seeland 12")
Emergency Broadcast Network - Behaviour Modification / We Will Rock You (TVT Records CDS)
Black Helicopters - Hammered Gods (Leaf 12")
People Like Us - Sound Escape (Solielmoon Recordings 12")
Tape Beatles - Thus (Staalplaat CD)
Forest J. Ackerman - Music For Robots (Science Fiction Records LP)

Pt 5 - Time's Up

Osymyso - Intro Inspection (Radar 12")
The Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke of Genius (white label 7")
Girls On Top - We Don't Give A Damn About Our Friends (Black Melody 7")
Kurtis Rush - George Gets His Freak On (white label 12")
Copywrong - Too Much Freakin' (mp3)
Girls On Top - Being Scrubbed (Black Melody 7")
2 Many DJs - Dreadlock Woman (white label 12")
Osymyso - Pat n Peg (3 Sevens 12")
The Freelance Hellraiser - Got My Lovely Money (CD-R)
The Freelance Hellraiser - Step On Man (CD-R)
Osymyso - Intro Inspection (Radar 12")
Osymyso - John's Not Mad (mp3)
Picasio - Do You Really Like It? (Barrys Bootlegs 7")
The Freelance Hairdresser - Marshall's Been Snookered (mp3)
Mky - I've Created A Monster (mp3)
B.R.K. - JackoNim (mp3)
Mr On - Breathe, Don't Stop (white label 12")
The Freelance Hellraiser - Can You Lick Shots? (CD-R)
Skkatter - Madonna Is A Filthy Slut (V/Vm Test Records LP)
Mcsleazy - Don't Call Me Song 2 (mp3)
Wayne Butane - Elderly (Wild Why)
Girls On Top - I Wanna Dance With Numbers (Black Melody 7")
Kylie - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Electrosoul mix) (PIAS CD)
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of Blue Monday Live @ the Brits 2002 (mp3)
20th Century Fox theme outro

God...damn! I love the selection, from choice album cuts to random booties to just straight up ripped DVD audio. If you are a fan of cut-up music, you need this in your life.

Get in tune... get involved... then get to work!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Freddy Kruger SB Dunk Low

I'm so not the sneaker man (no ends to keep w/ the trends), but the Nike SB Dunk phenom kills me. These are from the "Horror Pack", and should drop in November (why not drop on Oct 31st?)...

Spotted on NahRight (as per usual) via Hypebeast.

Tired of "swagger"

For those of you who got pissed @ MTV's Top 10 MCs in the Game list, you can blame it on "swagger".

This is a term that's come to prominence in the last few years, and the Urban Dictionary basically describes it as someone's style - whether it's their dress, walk, talk, whatever. I can see why people would be so big on it these days - Hip-Hop, and music in general, is very much style over substance, the look before the content. Why do you think guys like Jim Jones can stay prominent in the streets: he wears his style on his sleeve, no matter how ridiculous skull belts look on Harlemites. Lil' Wayne has tatoos in between his eyebrows, and his adlibs sound like someone stuck him in an oxygen-deprived vacuum, then kicked him in the nuts. I love what they do (at times), but this is my thing:

How can you base a Top 10 MCs list on their style, or swagger? Style might bring the people in, but 10 years from now, do you think people will remember Jim Jones for anything other than chants of "Ballin'!" (shit, that's not even THE NAME OF THE SONG!) And even then, who knows the lyrics? T.I. is a hustler, but they rate him on his swagger.

The funniest thing about all of this is when I first heard the word, it was when Cam'ron called Jay-Z a swagger-jacker - then berated dude for wearing sandles and socks. What? You diss him, saying he stole someone's style, then you diss him FOR his style? Cam, you stole your pink-wearing swagger from millions of teen girls! Be forreal.

At the end of the day, I am tired of journalists finding new terms ("swagger") or other trends and acting like it is something entirely new. Who's swagger was iller - Slick Rick's or Weezy's? Biggie's or Jeezy's? And the fucked up part is, once Pac and BIG died, everyone bit off of them! Shit, niggas like Tip and Wayne and Ja Rule and a slew of others are just popular versions of other people's style, anyways. Be forreal...

Basically, I think this quote from Enigmatik says it best: "fuck your swagger".

Tay Zonday feels like a "Motherless Child"

Ghostface needs to do a 2007 Remix of "Motherless Child" and feature Tay on that shit.

Tay could make a career doing remakes of old Negro spirituals...

PS: Peep homey's smile at the end? Priceless! (shouts to Enigmatik again for the find.)

Tay Zonday for Vice President

So the other day I'm minding my own business, checking my e-mail, when the one like Enigmatik hits me up with this link, which features an interview with Tay Zonday, who seems to have gone buck wild on YouTube with his music. I mean, I know I might be late on this, but WHAT!?!?

I look at him like - is dude serious? He's my age, but somehow his wires got crossed. To me, he looks like a mixture between old Michael Jackson and new Michael Jackson. His voice is deep, and while it might not be faked, there's no denying how odd his tone is. And then I bring you "Chocolate Rain":

WOW! Check a sample of the lyrics:

Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain
Chocolate Rain
A baby born will die before the sin

Chocolate Rain
The school books say it can't be here again
Chocolate Rain
The prisons make you wonder where it went

Chocolate Rain
Build a tent and say the world is dry
Chocolate Rain
Zoom the camera out and see the lie

Chocolate Rain
Forecast to be falling yesterday
Chocolate Rain
Only in the past is what they say

Chocolate Rain
Raised your neighborhood insurance rates
Chocolate Rain
Makes us happy 'livin in a gate

Chocolate Rain
Made me cross the street the other day
Chocolate Rain
Made you turn your head the other way

Chocolate Rain
History quickly crashing through your veins
Chocolate Rain
Using you to fall back down again

Some heavy shit from dude... I think? I'm kind of confused... In any case, I guess you can't knock his hustle - he has a TON of shit up there, and is getting his press. And this is what Barack Obama needs.

Obama is already getting his feet wet with the 'Net, as most politicians do, but he needs something, a zing - maybe some CHOCOLATE RAIN!?!!? Plus, Zonday already seems to know about the state of the world, and is knowledgeable enough to write captivating music about what's going on in the community. He is the perfect yang to Obama's ying.

Thing is, we'd have to make sure Obama NEVER got murked - do you honestly think Tay would make a great President? Wait, scratch that, he'd run circles around Dubya...

KG is now a Celtic!?!?

WOW! This is a problem. Kevin Garnett finally got what he has wanted... And a fucking 7-for-1 deal? How insane is that?

I guess us Nets fans have a situation on our hands, with the Bulls and now the Celtics in serious contention... maybe Paul Pierce will break his leg? In any case, the Celts are officially on the hunt now...

More opinions at the Dime Smack. Charley Rosen thinks the 'Wolves might be better off, anyways.

NBA Rookie Feets

I guess getting your foot in the NBA door means you up your sneaker game swiftly.

FOTM: THUGSTEP #4 (08/2007)

"looking like they mad at a pimp/acting bad like they know they wasn't fans off the rip"

What's going on good people? Big up to all the THUGSTEP supporters - I see the almost 900 downloads on the "40 Oz." refix... wanna shout out DJ Tipz especially. He came through, on his own mind you, and blazed a TOUGH THUGSTEP Mixtape (I hope you didn't sleep - Discobelle didn't!). Dude has another THUGSTEP mix forthcoming... watch this space.

In any case, this is a heatrock for the summertime. DJ Nappy done done it again - took Jody Breeze's "Rookie Of The Year" and laced it atop of bowzer's "Sudden Death". The intro is something slick - Jody lettin' you know how many can hate on the young grinder on the come up. He puts in his work and gets sideways smirks from all angles. Once that grimey bassline comes in - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Watch out. (If Jody sounds familiar, you might have heard him with his Boyz N Da Hood crew. Georgia, whattup!?!?)

As per usual, grab it HERE:

Show some love and spread the word, folk. Holla!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Boondocks, Season 2 SCREENSHOTS

Carl Jones, the man who not only produces The Boondocks TV show and illustrates the comic strip, has some screen shots from Season 2 of The Boondocks (any idea when this is going to be on TV though?)!! The first shot is a character called "THUGNIFICENT", which he notes that he voiced himself:

Peep these other shots:

Oh, I can NOT wait!

Rock The Bells pics (Oh, Word?)

This ill pic and many more are brought to you by Rafi and his beast of a camera. Check out some more of the iNTERNETS CELEBRITIES at Rock The Bells, including shots of MF Doom rockin' the MF Doom SB Dunks. Holla.

Amanda Diva puts the "flo" in Floetry

Call it Floetry 2.0? YBF has the scoop on the fallout and whatnot. It's all good, though - Amanda Diva is the truth, and she is documenting the FLOETRY REMIXED shows on her MySpace blog; peep Day 1.

Monday, July 30, 2007

rock the dub radio: episode 001 rewind

So, quietly, a fuse was lit on Saturday night. The sparker? WGHH Radio. The explosive material? Your's truly, and his new incarnation: rock the dub radio.

As bootleg as we may be (no drops? no talking? NO MIXING?!), rtd radio still shines down, giving you some of the freshest Hip-Hop in the land. This initial show was broken into 1 hour themes (loose, yes, but themes nonetheless). Hour 1 was a sort of Jay-Z tribute/themed affair. It had Jay on Hot 97 back in the Fall of '06 (right before Kingdom Come dropped), murking "Grammy Family". Featured as well were illness from the likes of NozL, Little Brother, Peedi Crakk, Joe Budden, Erick Sermon, and Busta Rhymes alongside some Jay cuts that might be a bit under the radar ("Trouble", "Regrets", "Nigga Please", etc.) for kicks. Hour 2 kicked it up a notch with a new-shit heavy selection from guys like Fabolous (w/ Pusha T), Gucci Mane (w/ Ludacris), BG (w/ Young Jeezy), and 50 Cent, and even got a twinge of Grime/Dubstep in at the end. This was all held together by a few choice Mike Tyson quottables. Classic material. We even have it streamed (download links to come soon):

And here's the tracklisting:

01/hot 97 intro
02/NozL "One Part Short"
03/Joe Budden "I'm Back"
04/Busta Rhymes ft. Swizz Beatz "Watch Ya Mouth"
05/Peedi Crakk "Get Fucked Up"
06/interlude: Jay-Z & Talib Kweli meet
07/Little Brother "Good Clothes"
08/Erick Sermon ft. Vic Damone "Give It 2 'Em"
09/Jay-Z "Where I'm From"
10/Saigon ft. Swizz Beatz "C'mon Baby"
11/Sean Price "Crazy"
12/Jay-Z "A Million And One Questions ('98 Remix)
13/Jay-Z ft. Young Chris "Nigga Please"
14/interlude: Evol Intent ft. Meatwad "Damn, That's A Big Hot Dog!"
15/Jay-Z "Regrets"
16/Jay-Z "Hot 97 Freestyle (Oct. 2006)"
17/interlude: Alec Baldwin wyles out
18/Dr. Dre ft. Snoop
Doggy Dogg, Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt & Jewell "Bitches Ain't Shit"
19/The Game "My Bitch"
20/interlude: Mike Tyson 01
21/B.G. ft. Young Jeezy "Hustle"
22/Gucci Mane ft. Ludacris "Freaky Gurl (Remix)"
23/Session "Chea!"
24/interlude: Mike Tyson 02
25/Freeway ft. Jay-Z "Big Spender"
26/Fabolous ft. Pusha T "Jokes On You"
27/50 Cent "I Get Money"
28/interlude: Mike Tyson 03
29/David Banner "K.O."
30/Sheek Louch "Danga Zone"
31/Dizzee Rascal ft. UGK "Where's Da G's?"
32/Durrty Goodz "Axiom"
33/Team Shadetek ft. Skepta "Reign"
34/Big Kuntry King ft. T.I. Vs. Reform "Throwback (DJ Nappy THUGSTEP Mix)"
002 should be premiering on the 12th of August, and it's already shaping up to be a beast. Expect to hear some J Dilla, some Sean Price... I don't want to give it all away, but it's something special. And 003 will be even better.

Got any beats? Requests? Shout outs? Hit me up:

Stay tuned for the download link - should be coming later this week.

PS: rock the dub radio 001 will be re-played on WGHH Radio Thursday at the regular rtd radio time (10PM-12AM EST). Hope you don't snooze.

AF1 Supreme '07

Yo - canvas AF1s? These beauts dropped on Saturday in Japan.

Spotted @ Nah Right and freshness. Yum.