Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fuck You, Jesse Jackson

I guess Amanda Diva was spot on when she dropped her "Watch Your Back, Barack" video earlier this week. I just don't think she really imagined a jealous-ass, wannabe leader punk nigger like Jesse Jackson would be the one talking about wanting to cut Obama's "nuts" off.

Do niggas even say nuts?

And you did the shit on Fox News? Are you kidding me!? You knew what you were doing, and if it wasn't for your poor standing within the community, you wouldn't even be trying to make nonsensical comments about what could become the first Black President of the US. You couldn't do it, and this nigga has a shot. Why cut him down in Fox News studios, you worthless piece of shit?

Who do you think you are? You trying to lynch Obama? Enigmatik hit me with a pretty solid comment, too, inre: the "cutting his nuts off" comment: "mr. civil rights, don't you know that's what they used to do to black men in lynchings only about 50 fucking years ago? that's what they try to do to us metaphorically every fucking day in the corporate world"... that's real talk for your punk black ass, Jesse. Go learn something and keep it quiet until after Novemeber, you shoeshine boy.


jon jon said...

yo'Jesse, feelin a bit Hillary?
Old nigga blues